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RV Rental 420, San Leandro Boulevard, San Leandro,

San Francisco (SFO area)

SFO - San Francisco International Airport

OAK - Metropolitan Oakland International Airport


San Francisco Airport (SFO) & select hotels (listed below) (30 miles; free transfer from April 2022).Note: The pickup at the SFO airport is in the “Kiss & Fly area” which requires a train, Uber or Lyft ride from the airport terminals.Downtown San Francisco (20 miles; no transfer).Public transportation via San Leandro BART train station (0.8 mile; free transfer); BART goes all the way to SFO airport (approx. $10.75/PP; 60 min) and Downtown San Francisco (approx. $5.15/PP; 25 min).From April 2022, when the customer informs us ahead of time, a free shuttle service is provided between our branch and the San Leandro BART train station. The train schedule can be looked up here (select Fremont - Daly City or Dublin - Daly City).​BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit
Complimentary transfers are provided once a day (from April 2022) as scheduled by the rental center and subject to changes.


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