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Why Bandana?

  • Simplicity

    Bandana Caravan Rent has developed a unique motorhome zeservation engine which shows availability in real-time - you can order any motorhome with just 3 simple steps.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    Daily low prices and hot deals on motorhomes across the globe.
  • No hidden fees

    Through our service, you will NEVER be surprised with additional payments after the reservation was made and confirmed.
  • Variety of choices

    You get to choose between different groups of vehicles at reasonable prices, in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities.
  • Secure and accessible

    You can access all your reservation details securely online at any time with your personal access details.

There is a lot in the world to see, visit, celebrate and enjoy

  • Bandana's goals are about people and the experiences they seek to fulfil

  • We aim to provide the best RV's and Motorhomes for rent, backed by outstanding customer support and technical expertise.

  • The Bandana team has nearly 20 years of experience directly from the field. We know that “God is in the small details”, and we take care of them. That’s what makes the big difference.

  • With Bandana you get personal treatment from day 1 until the end of your trip.

  • Bandana is working with the biggest Motorhome RV suppliers in 5 continents.

  • We offer attractive prices and special deals on a daily basis.

  • Bandana's goals are about people and the experiences they seek to fulfil

  • We vouch for availability and accuracy

  • Bandana Caravan Rent's motto: Credibility and professionalism all the way.

Motorhome travel insurance

Trip Planning

Are you planing a trip? check it out:

RvPlanet helps busy or inexperienced travelers to focus on their motorhome trip by reducing the hassle to a minimum.

It has never been so easy to plan RV trips. After years of research and study, we found a way to make the Motorhome trip planning process accessible for everyone.

The process is now simpler than ever, just set a destination from all of our amazing templates, add your unique taste, and set out to gather amazing experiences on a fascinating journey. Our formula for an unforgettable trip combines everything in a precise mix, Attractions, hiking, museums, traditional experiences, markets, cultural visits, shopping, local tours and all those stunning little hidden gems, and a lot more…

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