Why motor-caravan?


      Home Away from Home.....

The Whole is greater than its parts. A satisfying motorhome vacation is a whole package: measured driving, great accommodation, the right food and the best fun All in one.
An RV is a great way to spend more quality time with your family. Adults and children share the experience of being together, travelling and cooking together. You simply get more time to enjoy these activities instead of dealing with their administration all day long.
It's so comfortable when you don’t have to pack/unpack every day anew. You can choose to cook your meals the way you like them. You can stop over to rest in the afternoon in the middle of nowhere. You have total control and total choice.
Renting an RV Motorhome is cheaper than renting a couple of hotel rooms at a different place every night and also renting a car to get from place to place.
Meeting new people from all over the globe. If and only if you want to, you get to engage and interact with people of various nationalities and a different background, and meet locals
Feel, see, hear, smell, taste. Live and breath nature all day every day.
You get the chance to combine an urban tour downtown with camping outside



If you feel spontaneous:

No need to look for a place to stay every night
A MotorCaravan gives you the ability to manoeuvre your trip as you wish. Your house is with you at all times so feel free to plan as you go and explore the world with ease

        Quality time - It is all about the way you do it!



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