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How much does it cost to rent a motorhome in Australia?

In order to get the best cost of hiring a motorhome in Australia, please fill on top fields your destination, your travel dates and No. of passengers and click on the search button.

Motorhome rental prices in Australia are subject to pick up and drop off dates, pickup and drop off destinations and motorhome model (in most cases there are more than one options), insurance and any extra items you would wish to book according to your wishes / budget.

First, choose the city where you want to start your motorhome rental in Australia. The lines marked on yellow are the most popular destinations for hiring a motorhome Australia.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Choose destination

See below how to get the cheap price for motorhome rentals in Australia.  

Motorhome rental in Australia - get price

To get the cheap motorhome rental Australia, please fill pickup date, drop off date, No. of passengers then click on Search. 

Immediately you will get a list of motorhomes for rent in Australia, with some filters which will help you to find the best suitable motorhome for rent Australia for you.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Filters

The filters will help you to find the real price of how much does it cost to hire a motorhome in Australia? 

We are focused on the "customer eyes" which means we show the real price of Motorhome for rent in Australia including taxes, all mandatory fees, without any hidden fees, the deposit amount, amendment fee, cancelation fees so that the real out of pocket money is presented to you.

Please pay attention, the most influential parameters of the motorhome rental rates in Australia are the insurance package and the personal / kitchen equipment kits if it is relevant for you.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Personal customization

For your convenience, you can mark in the checkbox if you wish to purchase the highest insurance package available, for each motorhome rental Australia, but please bear in mind, not all the insurance packages are the same, there can be differences in insurance packages. We strongly recommend you read the insurance details for your chosen motorhome hire Australia. Additionally, you can choose if you wish to rent personal kits (beddings) and kitchen kits. 

Please know that in case any kits are included with your Australia motorhome rental package, you will NOT be charged twice!

For Motorhomes rental in Australia, you do not need to mark the traveling distance as the cheap motorhome hire australia normally includes an unlimited mileage. 

As default, results are shown from cheapest to highest prices, but you can change it to show the opposite way.

Can you rent a motorhome one way in Australia?  Do I have to return the Australian rented motorhome to the same rental station where I picked it up?

Absolutely no. 

One way Motorhome rentals in Australia are quite common so you can rent a motorhome in Australia in one place and return it in another place.

For example, you can start Australia rent a motorhome in Sydney and drop off in cairns or any other Motorhome rental center in Australia. 

Motorhome rental in Australia - One Way rental search

Please pay attention that in some circumstances the opposite direction for your itinerary (vice versa) might be cheaper for you. So, if you are flexible with your travel destination, do not miss to check the Vice versa button.

How much to rent a motorhome in Australia in one city and drop off in another city (One way motorhome rental)? 

Well, it depends on which city you are starting your motorhome travel in australia and which city you are end your Australia motorhome hire.

Here you can see an example for a difference between one direction to the opposite direction on the exact travel dates:

Motorhome rental in Australia - One way Opposite direction price

Motrhome Australia rental price could be much cheaper or expensive depending on the no. of free motorhomes for rent in Australia for your travel itinerary. It means that the same motorhome for hire Australia, in the exact travel dates could be much cheaper on one direction then the other.  

Moreover, if you are flexible with your travel dates, we want to help you to find the best price. That's why we have create the 'Flexibility' search tool for our customers.

The 'Flexibility' search tool is on top of the search page gives you the maximum flexibility search. If you are flexible within up to 14 days before or after your searched date, you can easily drag the slider and get the new rates immediately online. In some cases, shifting your travel dates 7-14 days forward or backward, may do a big change on your motorhome to rent in Australia.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Flexibility filter

Our most exciting flexibility filter is the one below the slider bar.  Here you can choose your travel period from 7-30 days, then you can define any period on the year you are free to travel. Our system engine will search for you the best time to go travel on budget. 
For example: If you want to travel for 14 days, anytime between June 01st - October 31st it should look like that:

Motorhome rental in Australia - Flexibility period search

What is the cost of renting a motorhome in Australia? Australia motorhome rental cheap cost?

When you search for cheap motorhome hire in Australia on our website, you will always get the current actual price. In many cases, the cost for a motorhome rent Australia for example in Melbourne, may be different for the same motorhome model, same dates but in a different city. 

Does the motorhome hire rates Australia I see online is the total cost I should expect?

Very often, customers who looks to rent motorhome australia cheap (who doesen't??) asking us if the daily rate are cheaper if they book a motorhome in Australia for a month rather, they will rent a motorhome in Australia for a week. 

The answer is that you cannot know until you check online. The reason for that is because the motorhomes rental hire rates are subject to many parameters which is reflecting the price you get online on our website. The main parameters are availability, seasonality, holidays, and more.

What include with the motorhome for rent in Australia?

Foe example, if you look below on the best motorhome for family of 4 australia, like in every motorhome on our website there is tab "Price include" which is describing in detail what are included with your chosen family motorhome Australia for rent in Australia as well as all booking terms, cancellation terms, rental center location, insurance, and everything you need to know before you book your motorhome rent in Australia.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Price include

Additionally, you may want to have a quick view on the details of the motorhome before you are 'diving into the details' such as, pickup and drop off locations, pickup and drop off time frame, model year of the motorhome and other important things like how to get to the rental station. 

All these details are quickly reachable. see:

Motorhome rental in Australia

Does a family motorhome for rent in Australia is different that 2 berth motorhome in Australia?

Yes, Normally, motorhome for rent in Australia for a family will be with the traditional alcove above driving cabin. In some cases, a  4-berth motorhome for rent in Australia or even 6 berth budget motorhome hire australia, are equipped with a folding bed above the dinette. This is the new generation of the motorhomes for rent in Australia. The advantages in this 'low profile' motorhomes are:
easier and More comfortable for driving, Large clearance between the mattress to the roof.

All you need to know about Australia with a rented motorhome. 

It doesn't meter if you wish to travel by hiring a motorhome in Australia as a retired couple or you are looking for your next adventure with a family motorhome in Australia, Australia is ready for you to show you all it secrets wildlife, history, culture, Kangaroos, and native aboriginals.

Main destinations to start a mororhome rental trip in Australia.

- Motorhome rental in Sydney

- Motorhome rental in Brisbane 

  - Motorhome rental in Melbourne

- Motorhome rental in Adelaide

- Motorhome rental in Cairns

- Motorhome rental in Darwin

- Motorhome rental in Tasmania

- Motorhome rental in Broom

- Motorhome rental in Perth

- Motorhome rental in Alice Springs

Do I need to book campground in advance in Australia?

It is strongly recommended to book your campground in advance, prior to arrival to ensure availability, But flexibility is one of the big advantages of traveling with motorhome in Australia.   

So, it will be good to say, if you are not worried about "where do I sleep tonight", you can book campgrounds 1-3 days in advance, during your motorhome trip in Australia. Correct, it might bother a bit, but you will be free to change your route and spend more time than preplanned on attractions along the route

How do I plan a route for my family with a rented motorhome to travel Australia in a motorhome?

The best RV trip planner which is unique for motorhomes renters is www.rvplan.net. On that application, you will get a pre-planned route for motorhomes, based on professional trip planners, you could book your campground, amend you're out and more.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Route

What is the minimum driver age to rent a motorhome australia?

Most of the Australian motorhome for rent are required a minimum driver age of 21. Some of the vehicles are allowed for young drivers 18+ sometimes with an extra insurance sometimes not. You can see the driver minimum age by clicking on the 'quick view' on each motorhome on our website.

Motorhome rental in Australia - Minimum driver age

On which weekdays hire a motorhome in Australia is possible?

During high season, most of the motorhome rental centers open 7 days a week from the morning to the afternoon. 
No pickups before 08:30 AM or after 16:00 PM in most rental centers.
During the low seasons, some rental centers are closed on Sundays and some also closed on Saturdays.

on our website you can see opening times of all rental enters in Australia

Is it common to travel with a motorhome to hire in Australia for families with kids?

Absolutely yes. No doubt about. Family motorhome travelling in Australia is like finding a treasure every day. Australia offers an endless list of attractions for families with kids, for couples and for a group of friends. 

What about child safety seats while renting a motorhome in Australia?

Children aged under six months (up to 9kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint. Children in this category cannot be seated in the front of our vehicles.
Children aged between six months and under four years (8 – 18kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint OR a forward-facing child restraint with an in-built harness. Children in this category cannot be seated in the front of our vehicles.
Children aged between four years and under seven (14 – 26 kg) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness OR an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened.
Whilst it is legal (under certain circumstances) for a child in this category to sit in the front seat, the rental company does not recommend any child under seven years (under 26kgs) travels in the front seat.
All child restraints must comply with current Australian Standards and it is the responsibility of customers to fit them in the vehicle. We strongly recommend any child restraints are pre booked.

 Can I park in a wild camping with a rental motorhome in Australia ?

Legally, wild camping is not allowed in Australia. But in Australia you will find many designated areas for parking your motorhome free of charge.

I have rented a motorhome in Australia, how much should I expect to pay for a parking in a campground per night

Campground night rate is about 30-80 AU$ per night in average

Is it more lucrative to buy a trailer instead of australia motorhomes hire?

Well it depend on your tavel period length, and the standards/comfortable you are expecting to travel. With some cheap campervans the breakeven point will be 3-4 months, with a large family motorhome for rent in Australia the berakeven point will be 6 month or more.

How would we know what is the rental fee for motorhome australia hire?

Motorhome Australia rental rates are based on Supply and demand. This means when you search for motorhome hire rates in australia, you will get the actual total rental cost for motorhome rental australia cheap is first. which is available for your itinerary. 

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    Old Waiotapu Road, Waiotapu 3073, New Zealand


  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing

    Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Tongariro National Park 4691, New Zealand

  • Oreti Beach

    Oreti Beach, 25 Dune Crescent, Southland 9879, New Zealand


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