RV Rental RV Rental Conditions - 300

Price Include

  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of: € 2800 per incident
  • V.A.T (%): 24
  • Outside Cleaning on return:
  • Kitchenware kit:
  • First tank of propane:
  • Bedding set:

Extra options

  • Childseat
  • Emergency Kit (Jump Cables, Tools, Rope)
  • Under Over Age < 25 / >75
  • Shuttle from/to Reykjavik Airport - per way
  • Child cushion
  • Camping table & chairs
  • Final cleaning fee
  • B.B.Q set / Gril
  • WC chemicals kit
  • Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card
  • Converter/Adaptor/Inverter
  • Gas Bottle
  • Winter Tyres
  • Out of hours pick up/drop off
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Cooler
  • Propane Stove
  • Additional Driver Fee
  • Laundry Kit
  • Access to camping sites in Iceland- max. 28 nights
  • Insurance excess reduction - option1
  • Insurance excess reduction - option2
  • GPS Navigation device
  • Leveling Blocks
  • Insurance excess reduction - option3
  • WiFi
  • Free use of Rv Plan system - RV trip planning
  • Extra bed linen set

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 500, the rest 60 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 50 days prior to rental date:
       25 % of rental price, at least 250 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 15 days to 49 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 15 days to 49 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 14 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 500 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 14 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 500 € EUR will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions

Scope, contents of contract, jurisdiction
1. The following Standard Terms and Conditions [AGB] of Camper Iceland, its partners and licensees (hereinafter referred to as "the Rental Firm") apply exclusively. Terms and conditions of the Hirer which contradict or deviate from the Standard Terms and Conditions of the Rental Firm will not be recognized. The Standard Terms and Conditions of the Rental Firm will apply even if the Rental Firm hires the vehicle out to the Hirer without reservation, knowing that terms and conditions of the Hirer contradict or deviate from these Standard Terms and Conditions.
2. The sole subject of the contract with the Rental Firm is the hiring out of the vehicle. The Rental Firm is under no obligation to provide travel services, and in particular no package of travel services.
3. In the event of a booking, a rental contract will arise between the Rental Firm and the Hirer(s) which is solely subject to Swiss law. The statutory provisions relating to package holiday contracts, in particular the federal act for package holidays do not apply to the contract either directly or accordingly. The Hirer will organize his journey himself and make use of the vehicle on his own responsibility. The rental contract is limited to a specific period as agreed. Any tacit extension of the rental indefinitely on the basis of continued use pursuant to Art. 266 para. 2 OR German Civil Code is hereby excluded.
4. All agreements between the Rental Firm and the Hirer must be concluded in writing.

Minimum age, authorised drivers
1. The Hirer and any other driver must be at least 20 years old. For vehicles above 3, 5 tons the minimum age is 21 years. The Hirer and any other drivers must have been in possession of a Class B, Class C1 or comparable national driving license for at least one year - for groups Family Luxury and Premium, for not less than 3 years – corresponding to the weight of the vehicle. The delivery of the vehicle requires the presentation by the Hirer and/or driver(s) of the driver’s license and the valid identification card/passport at the time of taking possession. If a delay in taking possession occurs due to the non-presentation of said documents, such delay shall be at the expense of the Hirer. If such documents cannot be presented neither at the agreed time for taking possession, nor within a reasonable grace period thereafter, then the Rental Firm shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. The cancellation provisions set forth shall apply. The Rental Firm or the official authorities of the country may require the presentation of an international driver’s license (for non-EU citizens).
2. Please note that some of the Rental Firm’s vehicles have a total weight of more than 3.5 tons and that to drive these vehicles an appropriate driving license is required. Those in possession of a Class C1 driving license must consult the Rental Firm about the engine size and the technically permissible total weight of the vehicle rented. If, upon renting, a respective driving license cannot be presented, the vehicle shall be regarded as not collected. In such case, there shall apply the respective terms of cancellation.
3. The vehicle may only be driven by the Hirer and the drivers named at the time of hiring.
4. The Hirer is under an obligation to record the names and addresses of all drivers to whom he entrusts the vehicle, for however short a time, and supply this information to the Rental Firm on request. The Hirer bears the same responsibility for the actions of any driver to whom he supplies the vehicle as for his own.

Hire charges and their calculation, rental period
1. The hire charges applicable are those stated in the version of the Rental Firm’s price list in force at the time the contract is concluded. Any prescribed minimum rental period applicable during particular travel periods is likewise indicated in the version of the Rental Firm’s price list current at the time the contract is concluded. The prices applicable are those for the season indicated in the price list within which the rental period booked falls.
2. The relevant hire charge includes 200 Km per Day (120 miles), insurance cover modeled on The insurance as described in Section 'Insurance' and the vehicle manufacturer’s mobility guarantee.
3. The daily rates applicable will be charged per day. The rental period will begin when the Hirer takes possession of the vehicle at the rental station and end when the rental station employee takes it back.
4. If the vehicle is returned after the time agreed in writing, the Rental Firm will charge a fee according to the actual valid pricelist (up to a maximum equal to the relevant full day price for each day late). Any costs incurred as a result of a subsequent hirer or any other person making claims against the Rental Firm on the grounds that a vehicle was supplied late must be borne by the Hirer.
5. If the vehicle is returned before the expiry of the agreed rental period, the full contractually agreed hire charge must be paid.
6. The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank and must be returned in the same condition. Otherwise, the Rental Firm will charge the fuel according to the valid price list. Fuel and running costs during the rental period must be borne by the Hirer.
7. One-way rentals are only possible by special agreement.
8. In case of traffic violations, parking violation etc. 
the customer will get an E-Mail from the rental company and will be charged for the fine with the additional € 50 administration fee.

Reservation and changes to bookings
1. Reservations are only binding after they have been confirmed by the Rental Firm, and then only for vehicle groups, not for vehicle types. This will apply even if a specific vehicle type is mentioned as an example in the description of the vehicle group. The Rental Firm reserves the right to upgrade the client to an equivalent or superior vehicle.
2. The reservation becomes binding once confirmed by Camper Iceland. Only then will the reservation become binding for both parties. The payment is due no later then 30 days prior to departure. After receiving the payment, a confirmation will be sent to the Hirer. If the Hirer exceeds this deadline written in the offer the Rental Firm will cease to be bound by the reservation. The cancellation fee will apply.
3. Each rental amendment will be charged according to the valid price list. After conclusion of the contract the customer is not entitled to any changes with regard to begin of term of rental.

Terms of payment, security deposit
1. The predicted hire charge, calculated on the basis of the booking details, must be received at least 30 days before the commencement of the hire in an account of the Rental Firm to be notified to the Hirer, free of any charge.
2. The security deposit of 
 2,800 must either be received together with the hire charge or prefferably when the vehicle is collected (MasterCard, Visa). A payment of the deposit with Prepaid Credit Cards or cash is not possible.
3. In the case of shortnotice bookings (less than 30 days before hire commencement) both the security deposit and the hire charge will be due immediately.
4. The Rental Firm will reimburse the security deposit after the final rental account has been settled, as long as the vehicle is returned as required. Any charges incurred in addition to the hire charge paid in advance by the Hirer will be deducted from the security deposit when the vehicle is returned.
5. If the Hirer defaults on payment, interest will be charged in accordance with the statutory regulations in force.

Collection, return
1. Before departure, the Hirer is under an obligation to take part in a detailed introduction to the vehicle by the Rental Firm’s experts at the collection centre. On that occasion, there is drawn up a detailed report (check out) of delivery describing the condition of the vehicle that is to be signed by both parties. The Rental Firm is entitled to refuse to hand over the vehicle until this introduction has taken place. If handover is delayed due to the fault of the Hirer, he must bear any costs incurred as a result.
2. On returning the vehicle, the Hirer is under an obligation to carry out a final examination of it together with rental station staff, with a written return report to be prepared and signed by the Rental Firm and the Hirer. Any damage not specified in the report of delivery that is detected upon return of the vehicle shall be at the renter’s expense.
3. Vehicles can be collected from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm. Thay may be returned from Monday to Sunday between 9 am and 4 pm. Pick up or drop off times as shown in he rental contract are binding. The "easy return" option allows the customer to return the vehicle outside the opening hours. It’s an easy solution: Bring the vehicle back to the compound, drop the keys in the rental company mailbox. In case of damages please inform the rental company before dropping the vehicle off. Customer require to get rid of the waste water (gray water), the toilet waste water (black water) and to clean the vehicle unless the end cleaning was booked. Pick up outside opening hours is also possible in case the customer arrives outside our opening hours (10:00 - 16:00). On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - collection and return are only possible by prior arrangement. This will incur an additional charge, to be agreed. The days of collection and return will be charged together as a single day, as long as a total of 24 hours is either not exceeded or only exceeded due to the fault of the Rental Firm.
4. The vehicles are delivered with a clean interior and are to be returned by the renter in the same condition as are received. Car cleaning kit can be perchased in order to clean the vehicle during the trip and before returning the vehicle. This kit includes: Spray, Cloth, Sponge, Gloves, Toilet brush, Car Shampoo, Car Sponge, and a bucket. Should the interior not be in the same clean condition as received, the renter will be liable for the cleaning fee of 
€ 600. End cleaning service can be purchased in advance and in that case the customer don't need to clean the vehicle at the end of the rental.
The vehicles should not be cleaned from the exterior.

Prohibited use, duty of care
1. The Hirer is prohibited from using the vehicle as follows: to participate in motor sport events and vehicle tests, to transport easily inflammable, poisonous or otherwise dangerous substances, to commit Customs or other criminal offences, even if these are only punishable according to the law applicable in the place where the offence was committed, for rental to a third party or for the commercial transport of passengers or for any other use going beyond that agreed by contract, in particular driving on terrain not intended for the purpose.
2. The vehicle must be treated carefully and appropriately and properly locked on all occasions. The regulations and technical rules applicable to its use must be complied with. Its running condition, in particular oil and water levels and tire pressure, must be monitored. The Hirer undertakes to check regularly to make sure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.
3. All vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. This means that you may not smoke in any part of the vehicle. Pets may only be brought along subject to the lessor’s explicit approval. Cleaning expenses caused by non-compliance with regulations must be borne by the lessee. Any costs which may be incurred by deventilation or for elimination of contamination with smoke, including lost profits resulting from temporary non-availability of the vehicle for hire owing to these circumstances, shall also be borne by the lessee.
4. If evidence of violation of the provisions in the aforementioned paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 can be provided, the lessor may terminate the lease without notice.

What to do in the event of an accident
1. After an accident, theft or damage by fire or collision with a wild animal, the police must be informed immediately and also the rental station), at the latest immediately after the working day following the day of the reportable event. It is not permitted to accept any third party claims as valid.
2. Even in the case of very slight damage, the Hirer must prepare a detailed written report for the Rental Firm, including a sketch. If, for whatever reason, the renter fails to draw up such report and if, because of that, the insurance company refuses to pay the damage, the renter shall be obliged to pay full compensation for the damage.
3. The accident report must in particular include the names and addresses of anyone involved and any witnesses, together with the license numbers of all vehicles involved and has to be over handed filled out and signed by drop off latest towards Rental Firm.

Journeys abroad
Journeys abroad are not permitted.

Defects in the vehicle
1. Any claims to compensation by the Hirer on the basis of defects for which the Rental Firm is not responsible are hereby excluded.
2. Any defects in the vehicle or its fittings/ equipment which are discovered after the commencement of the hire must be reported to the Rental Firm in writing by the Hirer by returning of vehicle. Claims for damages based on subsequently notified defects shall be excluded unless the claim is based on a defect which is not patent.

Repairs, Substitute vehicle
1. Repairs which are necessary in order to maintain the vehicle in a good working and roadworthy condition during the rental period cannot be ordered by the Hirer without the consent of the Rental Firm. The Rental Firm will bear repair costs on production of the original invoices and the parts replaced, as long as the Hirer is not liable for the damage pursuant to Section 'Hirer's liability' in the Insurance section. This does not apply to tire damage.
2. If a defect for which the Rental Firm is responsible makes such a repair necessary, and if the Hirer does not rectify the defect on his own initiative, the Hirer must notify the Rental Firm of the defect immediately and set a reasonable deadline for its repair. Any circumstances specific to a particular country (e.g. infrastructure) which delay the repair must be taken into account here to avoid disadvantage to the Rental Firm.
3. If the motorhome is destroyed without any fault on the part of the Hirer or if it appears likely that its use will be prevented or withdrawn for an unreasonably long time, the Rental Firm will be entitled to supply the Hirer with an equivalent substitute vehicle within a reasonable period. If the Rental Firm supplies an equivalent substitute vehicle, any termination by the Hirer pursuant to Art. 259b lit. a OR is excluded. If in such a case the Rental Firm offers a vehicle from a lower price class and this is accepted by the Hirer, the Rental Firm will reimburse to the Hirer the difference between this and the price already paid in advance by the Hirer.
4. If the motorhome is destroyed due to the renter’s fault, the rental firm may refuse to make a replacement vehicle available.

Storage and forwarding of personal dada
1. Tenant agrees to Camper Iceland storing personal data.
2. Camper Iceland may forward these data via the central warning ring to third parties with a justified interest if the statements made in the rental are incorrect in essential points or the rented vehicle is not returned within 24 hours of the expiry of the rental period (also extended, if need be) or if rental claims have to be made in judicial reminder proceedings or cheques presented by Tenant are not honoured. In addition, the data can be forwarded to all the authorities responsible for prosecution of offences against public order and criminal offences in the event of Tenant actually behaving dishonestly or sufficient indications herefor existing. This is done, for example, in the event of wrong information for the rental, presentation of forged personal documents or such reported as having been lost, failure to return the vehicle, failure to notify a technical defect, road traffic offences or similar.

GPS Tracking System
The Camper Iceland vehicles can be equipped with GPS Tracking Systems.

Legal venue
Ubder reverse of a coactive legal venue, arose by the Swiss code of civil procedure or the Convention on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Lugano-Convention), for all disputes arising out of or in connection with the hire contract for the vehicle the registered office of the particular Rental Firm applies as legal venue. The Rental Firm is above all authorised to file a suit for their claims against the Hirer at the place of residence or the registered office of the Hirer.




Hirer’s liability

1. In accordance with the principles of a comprehensive motor insurance, the rental firm will indemnify the renter from liability subject to an excess of € 2,800 to be borne by the renterin case of damage subject to full comprehensive motor insurance per case of damage. Therespective excess cannot be excluded.

2. The indemnity against liability described in Subsection 1 will not apply particularly, if the Hirer causes a loss/ damage deliberately or by gross negligence.

3. If the Hirer causes loss/damage culpably, he will additionally be liable in the following cases:
• if loss/damage was caused by impaired ability to drive due to drugs or alcohol.
• if the Hirer or a driver to whom the Hirer has supplied the vehicle leaves the site of an accident without justification.
• if the Hirer fails to call the police to an accident, contrary to the obligation imposed by Section 'What to do in the event of an accident' in 'Terms & Conditions', unless this breach of obligation does not affect either the establishment of the cause of the loss/ damage or of its amount.
• if the Hirer breaches any other obligations imposed by Section 
'What to do in the event of an accident' in 'Terms & Conditions', unless this breach of obligation does not affect either the establishment of the cause of the loss/damage or of its amount
• if loss/damage is due to usage prohibited by Subsection 1 in 'Prohibited use' in 'Terms & Conditions'.
• if loss/damage is due to a breach of an obligation imposed by Subsection 2 
in 'Prohibited use' in 'Terms & Conditions'.
• if loss/damage is caused by an unauthorized driver to whom the Hirer has supplied the vehicle.
• if loss/damage is due to a failure to take account of the vehicle’s dimensions (if shown on the country signs).
• if loss/damage is due to a failure to comply with load regulations.

4. To avoid increasing costs due to expenses incurred to establish the amount of the damage suffered, the Rental Firm will in the event of accident damage initially supply the Hirer on request with sample invoices for the type of case concerned.

5. The Hirer is liable for all fees, charges, fines and penalties imposed upon the Rental Firm in connection with the use of the vehicle, unless these are incurred due to the fault of the Rental Firm. The rental firm reserves the right to deduct the fees, charges, fines and penalties from the clients credit card. Additional handling charges are subject to the displayed pricing lists at the rental stations.

6. More than one Hirer will be generally and severally liable.

Rental Firm’s liability, expiry by limitation
1. The Rental Firm bears unlimited liability for deliberate action and gross negligence. In the case of simple negligence the Rental Firm is only liable for foreseeable loss/damage typical of the type of contract concerned where there is a breach of an obligation the meeting of which is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligation). This standard of liability also applies in cases of obstacles to performance at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

2. The above limitations and exclusions of liability do not apply to claims under the terms of the German Product Liability Act or to claims based on injury to life, limb or health or infringements of liberty.

3. Claims which are not excluded according to paragraph 1 but were only limited in scope shall become statutebarred within a year of the end of the year of the claim being created and the circumstances justifying the claim and the debtor’s identity being disclosed to the creditor or the creditor, without gross negligence, being considered to be aware of such circumstances or identity. With the exception of claims for damages which are based on loss of life, physical injury, health hazards or the loss of freedom and claims based on the product liability act, claims for damages shall become statute-barred – with no consideration being given as to whether the creditor was aware of the circumstances and identity or, without gross negligence, should have been aware of such circumstances and identity – within five years of the end of the year in which the claim was created.

4. The Camper Iceland Terms and conditions apply. These are provided at the rental depot during pick-up and are published on our website. Additional price lists are published in each Rental Station.

Crash Damage Waiver (CDW)
The self risk is € 2,800 per incident.

There are 4 insurance options with an extre daily fee:

Included in the daily rate.
Includes Liability with self risk of 
€ 2800.

Option 1 - PLUS
Daily fee of 
€ 29.
Includes Liability with self risk of € 1,800, KASKO and Interior with self risk of € 1,800 each.

Option 2 - PREMIUM
Daily fee of € 49.
Includes Liability with self risk of € 1,200, KASKO, Interior and Sand & ash with self risk of € 1,200 each and Windshield with self risk of € 1,200 per incident.

Option 3 - SUPER
Daily fee of € 99.
Includes Liability with self risk of € 0, KASKO, Interior, Sand & ash with self risk of € 0 each and Windshield and Gravel Protection with self risk of € 0 each.

Insurance covers
Liability - F.e. If you hit another car by accident within the conditions of the rental agreement. The self risk of such an accident will be 
€ 250 per incident. If you get hit by another car and it’s not your fault (determined by the insurance company) you will not have to pay any self risk. The other vehicles insurance would in such a case cover your vehicle.

KASKO - If you damage the vehicle or hit another car damaging the own vehicle as well the KASKO can lower the self risk tremendously. If this option is not chosen you will have to pay up to the full value of the vehicle.

Interior - If the interior of the vehicle get’s damaged f.e. tables, doors, handles, stoves, radio etc.

Sand & Ash - It covers damages caused by sand (f.e. sand storms) and ash.

Windshield - A common damage in Iceland is a broken windshield. A damaged windshield can cost € 1,200. By choosing the right CDW you can lower the self risk.

Gravel Protection - Also a common damage is a small crack in the paint caused by gravel (small stones).

Self Risk Insurance
For daily fee of 
€ 25 you can reduce the self risk. In case of a damage you will pay the self risk on spot and send a claim to the third party insurance company. This insurance company will refine the self risk in accordance to the policy. The self risk insurance is an addition to 1 of the 3 options mentioned above and only includes the same covers.



All Camper Iceland vehicles are undergo regular maintenance and service checks prior to every rental.

Camping Kit and Freedom Kit
The camping kit is mandatory and provides you with everything you need to sleep (bedlinen, blanket, pillow and towels). It also includes everything that you need for cooking (cutlery, dishes, cups, pot, pan, bowls, etc). It equipped with a gas bottle connector the Camping Kit comes with a 9 Kg gas bottle that you can return empty. The Freedom Kit is a bitt smaller because it fits the vehicles size better. A propane cooker instead of the gas bottle makes much more sense.

Extras for hire (with additional surcharge):

Car Cleaning Kit
A kit that the customer needs in order to clean the car during the trip and can be used before returning the vehicle in case the end cleaning service has not been booked. It includes: Spray, Cloth, Sponge, Gloves, Toilet brush, Car Shampoo, Car Sponge, and a bucket.

Laundry Kit
The kit includes: Clothes line, shoe box (where you can put dirty shoes after hiking), shoe brush, soap for clothes.

Emergency Kit
The kit includes starting cables, a rope and a toolbox. If you run out of battery you can ask anyone to give you a boost. The same goes if you get stuck in sand you can use the rope for towing. The toolbox is the best option to fix minor issues on the way.

220V Kit
This kit is an absolute must have. It includes a cable to connect the vehicle to 220v at the camp sites. It also includes an adapter in case the camp ground uses a different plug. Lost cables will be charged at the drop off.

Fishing Gear
The rod is suitable for all ages. The kit also includes a starter package of fishing stuff and the popular fishing card. "The Fishing card" - is a very economic choice for fishermen and travelers. With the Fishing Card you can fish almost as much as you like in 34 lakes all around Iceland.

Toilet Chemical Set
Instead of offering the toilet chemicals and paper separately we now offer a set. It includes 4 toilet paper rolls and the chemicals for your trip.

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