RV Rental RV Rental Conditions - 241

Price Include

  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of: € 1000 per incident
  • V.A.T (%):
  • Vehicle Kit: Power cable, water hose, wedges, etc.
  • Third party insurance up to : € 2,500,000
  • Outside Cleaning on return:
  • Extra driver fee:
  • Kitchenware kit:
  • Free parking for your private car:
  • First tank of propane:
  • First container of chemical liquid:
  • Unlimited Milage:
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance:
  • Fiat mobility program
  • Reversing camera - not in all vehicles
  • Awning
  • Bicycle rack
  • Nespresso coffee machine (230V)
  • Hygiene Fee (COVID-19)

Extra options

  • Childseat
  • Child cushion
  • Snow chain
  • Camping table & chairs
  • GPS Navigation device
  • Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card
  • Winter Tyres
  • Baby cot
  • Free use of Rv Plan system - RV trip planning
  • Bedding Set - per person
  • Towelset - per person

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 300, the rest 51 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 50 days prior to rental date:
       10 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 15 days to 49 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 450 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 15 days to 49 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 450 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 2 days to 14 days prior to rental date:
       85 % of rental price, at least 550 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 2 days to 14 days prior to rental date:
       85 % of rental price, at least 550 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 1 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 700 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 1 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 700 € EUR will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions

The driver must be at least 23 years old. In addition, the driver must have been in possession of a valid driving licence required for the rented vehicle for at least 3 years. Persons coming from a country other than the Netherlands must be in possession of a valid international driving licence that can be applied for in the country of origin. Exclusively the persons named in the vehicle reservation are entitled to drive the vehicle. In case a person other than the stated driver shall drive the vehicle, that must be notified before the beginning of the rental period. In such case, also the other driver concerned must submit a driving licence that is valid for the respective period.

Rental Period:
The rental period begins, according to the date set forth in the rental contract, on a working day after 4 p.m. (as agreed) and ends on a working day at 10 a.m. Upon request, the vehicle can also be made available or returned on a Saturday for an additional charge and exclusively if that has been agreed before. It applies to all days that a contractual penalty shall be payable if the vehicle is returned after 10 a.m. An extension of the agreed rental period is only possible after the Rental Firm has given its respective approval. If the rental form has not given its approval, the Hirer must pay, for every day or part of a day that the vehicle is returned late, a contractual penalty according to the respective weekly rate plus an amount of € 400.00. This shall not apply in case the Hirer can prove that the rental period was exceeded due to a technical defect of the vehicle and that the Hirer notified the Rental Firm of that defect immediately after it had occurred.
During winter period, between November and March, pick up on Tuesday-
Saturday is on 15:00 and drop off is on 10:00.
If the vehicle is returned early before the agreed rental term has expired, there will be no refund of rental charges. No refund will be made if the length of hire is shortened or for unused days. There is no refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle.

Against a charge to be paid in advance, the motorhome can be returned at another McRent station, which, however, can only be done when approved by the Rental Firm and agreed before the beginning of the rental period.

Repair and Defects:
Despite good care and preventive maintenance, there may occur a mechanical defect in the motorhome during the trip. In such cases, repair work may exclusively be performed by a dealer of the respective (superstructure/vehicle) brand. In case of any repair and also damage exceeding an amount of € 150.00, the Hirer is obliged to enter into contact with the Rental Firm immediately and follow the instructions given by the Rental Firm. The Rental Firm will provide for counselling with regard to a correct handling or for arrangement of the repair. All repair work on both, the exterior and interior of the motorhome must be carried out by experts. Any unnecessary repair shall be at the Hirer‘s expense. The costs of repair incurred by the Hirer shall be reimbursed against submission of the specified repair invoices (made out to the Rental Firm) and handing over of the replaced parts.

The Rental Firm has insured the motorhome for cases of a transport back. This insurance contract was concluded with the ANWB (Dutch ADAC) so that, in case of serious damage or defects that make any further use of the vehicle impossible, a transport will be taken care of. Under such circumstances, the Hirer must not only immediately contact the Rental Firm under the phone number: McRent 0182-619479 (only available during the day),but also the ANWB Alarm Center (+31(0)70-3141414 available day and night).

Among the vehicle documents, there is also a European damage report form in which a possible damage as well as the data of the other party are to be stated. This form is to be submitted to the Rental Firm upon arrival.

All countries stated on the Green Insurance Card can be visited with the motorhome.
It is prohibited to travel with the McRent vehicles to:
St. Petersburg, Russland
Baku, Aserbaidschan

All costs incurred (by our company) as a consequence of criminal activities or traffic offences committed by the Hirer or a passenger are to be borne by the Hirer. Any fines imposed are charged to the Hirer‘s account.

Utilization of the Motorhome:
The Hirer must treat the motorhome in an extremely conscientious and careful manner. In all of our vehicles, smoking is not allowed. The Hirer has to see to it that he/she himself/herself as well as each of the other drivers stated in the rental contract always has the knowledge as well as the physical and mental ability required for driving the vehicle. The Hirer is obliged to check the oil and coolant levels as well as the tyre pressure regularly. Moreover, the Hirer has to comply with the written instructions enclosed with the vehicle documents. The Hirer is obliged to keep the vehicle and return it to the Rental Firm in a good condition.

Reservation and Payment:
When making the reservation, legitimation by means of the identity card is required. Moreover, a valid driving licence must be submitted. With regard to the security deposit to an amount of € 1,000.00 for the motorhome as well as of the security deposit to an amount of € 250.00 in case a navigation system is used as optional equipment, it is possible to make the payment by means of a bank/current-account card or a MasterCard or Visa Card when collecting the vehicle.

In case payment is not made in time, the Rental Firm is entitled to rescind the rental contract unilaterally. By making a reservation, the Hirer agrees that his/her personal data may be verified. In case the Hirer fails to collect the vehicle at the agreed point of time without cancellation or only uses the vehicle during part of the agreed rental period, he/she must pay the full rental charge nevertheless.

A cancellation by the Hirer, for whatever reason, can only be made in writing and by registered letter, if possible. The day we receive the written cancellation is regarded as date of cancellation.

Breach of Contract:
On no account, the Rental Firm shall be liable for any damage caused by a failure to make the motorhome available in time due to circumstances that the Rental Firm is not responsible for. If such failure to make the motorhome available, however, is caused by fault of the Rental Firm, the Hirer shall be entitled to compensation for the costs and the damage incurred. Such compensation is limited to an amount of € 250.00. If, due to the late availability of the vehicle, the rental period is reduced by more than 24 hours per rental week, the Hirer shall be entitled to rescind the rental contract for the entire period. In all cases of a late provision of the vehicle, the Rental Firm will refund to the Hirer the amounts due to him/her. In case the Rental Firm does not deliver the agreed vehicle, but offers an appropriate alternative instead, the Hirer must accept that.

Delivery and Return:
The motorhome is delivered in a clean condition, with a full tank and equipped according to the inventory list submitted and must be returned in the same condition. If that is not the case, the Rental Firm shall be entitled to charge an amount of € 109.00 for the cleaning of the interior. If the tank of the vehicle should not have been filled up, we charge the petrol costs as well as cost of work (€ 25.00). Any missing or defect items of the inventory list will be invoiced to you.

Any possible retentions will be set off against the security deposit.

Mandatory Online Check-In
All customers have to do the thr Online Check-In at: https://www.mcrent.eu/online-check-in no later than 14 days before Pick-Up. In case of a last minute rental the customers have to do the Online Check-In immediately after having received the booking confirmation.

Only 1 dog is allowed to carry along in the motorhome, with the express approval of the Rental Firm and with additional surcharge.

Number of Persons:
It is not allowed to use the motorhome with more persons than prescribed by law for the respective vehicle type (= specified number of seats and beds). After loading, the total weight must not exceed the permissible gross vehicle weight stated in the vehicle registration certificate (e.g. 3,500 kg), i.a. in connection with the driving licence Class B (up to 3,500 kg) or C (> 3,500 kg).

Before the departure or upon reservation, a DVD (security deposit of € 12.50) with an explanation of the functions and utilization of the motorhome and its appliances and accessories can be made available to the Hirer upon request. In case there are any further questions regarding functions and utilization, the Hirer should ask the Rental Firm before starting the trip.

Final Settlement:
Upon return, a final statement of account will be prepared and a possible amount remaining after deduction of any additional costs that may have to be paid by the Hirer will be transferred to a bank account or current account within 15 working days. When the costs to be paid by the Hirer exceed the amount of the security deposit, such costs are to be paid directly.


The motorhome is covered by a statutory motor vehicle third-party liability insurance with an insurance covers property damages up to € 2,500,000 and bodily injury up to € 6,100,000. Moreover, the motorhome itself is insured in case of damage under a comprehensive motor insurance. The insurance premium is completely included in the rental charge; you will find an international insurance certificate (so-called Green Insurance Card) among the vehicle documents. Per case of damage, the Hirer must bear an excess to a maximum amount of € 1,000. If necessary, the excess is set off against the security deposit. Any damage not covered by the insurance, such as for example damage caused by alcohol- or narcotics-related unfitness to drive, by leaving the vehicle to an unauthorized driver, etc., are completely at the Hirer‘s expense. Any damage to the interior and/or the inventory is not covered by the insurance either so that respective costs of repair or replacement must be completely borne by the Hirer. The Rental Firm is not liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, caused by acts of the Hirer.


All vehicles have comprehensive complete fittings: kitchen with refrigerator and cooker, bath room with sink, shower and chemical toilet (cassette), heating, fresh water and waste water tank, safety belts in living quarters, power-steering, cable drum and connection cable, European standard plug set for 230 V, separate 12 V battery for living quarters, battery charger, fire extinguisher, at least one stereo radio with CD and a bicycle rack.

Kitchen Kit:
Depending on the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers either for 4 or 6 persons:
 6 large plates
 6 dessert plates
 6 soup plates or bowls
 6 cups/saucers
 6 glasses
 6 sets of cutlery/ knives/forks/spoons/teaspoons
 2 bowls, different sizes
 1 thermos flask or coffee pot
 1 coffee filter
 1 large kitchen knife
 1 small kithcne knife
 1 cutting board
 1 corkscrew
 1 tin opener
 1 wooden spoon
 1 spatula
 1 potato peeler
 1 set of pots (3 pots)
 1 pan

Bedding Set (for purchase):

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