RV Rental RV Rental Conditions - 234

Price Include

  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of: € 2400 per incident
  • V.A.T (%): 20
  • Vehicle Kit: Water hose, Electric corde, broom+dustpan, etc.
  • Third party insurance up to : € 760000
  • Outside Cleaning on return:
  • Road maps:
  • Campground directory:
  • Extra driver fee: for second driver only
  • Kitchenware kit:
  • Tourist information :
  • Free storage for your luggage:
  • First tank of propane:
  • First container of chemical liquid:
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance:
  • Guaranteed newer vehicle not older that two model years

Extra options

  • Ajaccio transfer (from/to train station, ferries, airport)
  • Ajaccio transfer (from/to Bastia, Figari, Calvi)
  • Camping Key Europe card - provides third-party insurance when parking in RV campgrounds and discounts for RV campgrounds (in some the discounts valid also during peak season)
  • Additional Driver Fee
  • Childseat
  • Windscreen cover for Class A vehicles
  • Child cushion
  • Bicycle rack
  • Insurance excess reduction - option1
  • Camping table & chairs
  • GPS Navigation device
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Breakdown Assistance
  • Windscreen cover
  • Free use of Rv Plan system - RV trip planning - including the option to book campgrounds
  • Personal Kit (linen and towels)

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 300, the rest 30 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 46 days prior to rental date:
       10 % of rental price, at least 170 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 45 days prior to rental date:
       40 % of rental price, at least 270 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 45 days prior to rental date:
       40 % of rental price, at least 270 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 400 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 400 € EUR will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions


All daily rates are reflected in Euros. Our rates include:

Tax (VAT = 20%)
Comprehensive Insurance (see Insurance)
Guaranteed newer vehicle not older that two model years
Vehicle kit (water hose, jerrycan, electric cord, broom + dustpan)
Cooking utensils
Tourist information (recommended apps)
Regional suggested itineraries (Brittany, Loire Valley…)
Outdoor cleaning after return
Trips overlapping seasons are charged in the appropriate seasonal rate for each day of travel.

Minimum charge is 7 days all year.
Even if the motorhome is needed for a shorter period, we will charge 7 days.

All bookings made during the following periods MUST start on a Saturday and return on a Friday. Rental period invoiced will be extended to the previous Saturday and / or the next Friday should you confirm different dates.
- July 15th → August 20th
Exceptions will be made on a case by case study.

Handling and preparation fee (120 € ) / 
(90 € for the Combi Van)
It includes first bottles of  propane and first bottle of toilet chemicals.  

Handling fee is mandatory and must be prepaid.

PRIVATE TRANSFER – (PARIS & AJACCIO ONLY - other locations on request)

Customers are requested to report at the time of booking or not later than 7 working days before pick-up date arrival details or hotel address and how many people are in customer's party.

1. Due to too many last-minute changes, only pre-paid transfers will be arranged.
2. Clients must provide:
a. Location and time of arrival, airline information if applicable.
b. a valid mobile number and an email address - this will allow us to contact them.

3. In the event a client who has pre-paid a transfer take a regular taxi or public transportation, there will not be any refund. Transfers must be confirmed at least 7 days in advance.

Transfer on Arrival day
We can arrange transfers to our location from:
- CDG and ORLY Airports
- EUROSTAR Terminal (Paris Gare du Nord - Train Station)

- Airport area hotel
- Paris Downtown hotels
- Other Paris Train Stations
- Ajaccio Airport

- Ajaccio train station
- Ajaccio ferry terminal
- Ajaccio area hotel- Bastia / Figari / Calvi: special charge - on request
- In case of airport transfers, we do need all flight details to arrange them : hour of arrival, flight number and departure place. (ex : Flight BA 308 from London - 12h30 )
- In case of transfer from a Train Station, we do need all train details to arrange it : hour of arrival, train number and departure place. (ex : Eurostar 1212 from London - 08.55 )
- In case of transfer from a hotel, we do need hotel details (name, address and telephone)

Transfers are possible at any time. However customers must allow enough time to arrive to our offices during opening time. In the event of a delayed air travel, customer may have to check-in the following day. Due to potential traffic problems beyond our control, precise pick-up and departure times cannot be guaranteed.

Transfer on last day
We can arrange a return transfer to a hotel, a train station or an airport.
This transfer can be pre-paid or paid locally. Transfer must be arranged with the client.

Other special transfers (such as clients with windsurf or special luggage) must be notified upon booking and will be charged accordingly.

Airport Meeting points:
CDG – Terminal 1, 2, 3: Exit gate (just after the custom)
Orly Airport: Exit gate
 (just after the custom)

ONE-WAY (on request only) (no minimum period required)
No one-way between Continent and Corsica – Other one-way are possible – on request

INTERNATIONAL ONE-WAY (on request only) (minimum period required)
We’ve been offering this unique service for 4 years with great success. Note that we do not have stations outside France, but we send a driver to drive the motorhome back to France.
- International OW are possible from our PARIS & Marseille stations only
- We require a minimum of 14 days rental. However, it's possible to do it for shorter rental, as long as the client still pays 14 days. 
- Drop off points are flexible. Usually, it’s at the airport but it can be at a hotel.

Prices are given as a guideline only, according to season, repatriation cost may vary a little.

International One Way charge will be re-confirmed for each rental.

We strongly recommend our clients spend their first night in a hotel.

Allow approximately one hour for departure formalities

Pick-up time is between 09:00 to 11:00 and between 14:00 to 16:30.
Our depots are closed for lunch

AM PU not after 11:00 // PM PU not after 16.30.
There is no refund if vehicle is picked up later than scheduled time. Clients are taken care of by order of arrival. There can be a waiting time, especially in the busy season.
Upon his arrival, the client should expect to:
- Show a valid driving license
- Security deposit:
if the client has purchased the CDW, the security deposit is 
1,000 €
if the client has not purchased the CDW, the security deposit is 2,400 €

In both cases, it’s payable at the collection to AVIS CAR-AWAY by an open signed credit card imprint with an authorisation obtained (sufficient funds must be available) for 1,000 € or 2,400 €. The security deposit is cancelled 30 days after the vehicle is returned to the correct location on time, is full of fuel and all other terms of the Rental Contract have been complied with.
- Watch a 10 mn video “How to operate your motorhome” (French or English).
A bilingual “Operator Manual” is given to our clients. The vehicle is then inspected by AVIS CAR-AWAY and the renter who is asked to sign a “Departure contract”. The rental is thus open.
 We provide free storage for luggage or other valuables. Not for One-Way rentals.

Return time is between 09:00 to 12:00 and between 14:00 to 17:30.
Our depots are closed for lunch

AM DO not after 12:00 // PM PU not after 17.30.
Penalties are charged for late returns without prior authorization.
There in no refund if rental is terminated by client before scheduled time.

- Toilet must be clean and empty (if not, an additional fee of 100 € is levied)
- Waste water tank must be drained
- Interior of motorhome must be clean (especially refrigerator, stove and shower)

Indoor Cleaning charges (100 €) may apply if vehicle is returned not clean.
- Diesel tank and AdBlue tank must be full (as it was on departure)

The vehicle is inspected by our staff and the renter who is asked to sign a “Return contract”. The rental is thus closed.

Client is responsible for routine maintenance while traveling (coolant, oil, tire pressure) as well as reporting mechanical failure immediately. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence on operation and/or in performing normal maintenance.

If, for any reason beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, we reserve the right to substitute a model of similar or higher rated vehicle.

Travel to North Africa and to some East Europe countries is not permitted. 

Our depots is open Monday through Saturday, however, some depots are closed on Monday. All stations are closed on Sundays and for Bank Holidays.

At the end of the Rental Period, the customer must pay Avis Car-Away on demand:
Any amount paid or payable by Avis Car-Away or payable by the customer arising out of his/her use of the Motorhome or imposed on the customer or Avis Car-Away by governmental or other competent authority (such as speeding, road toll, parking and traffic fines). In addition to any penalty or fine, the Renter is liable to pay Avis Car-Away the 
40 € infringement administration fee.

In case of a breakdown, who do you have to contact?
In the unfortunate case of a breakdown, please follow these instructions:
In case of a breakdown which is disabling the vehicle from driving, please call the rental center customer service or to the road side assistance service.
In case of any accessories failure which does not disabling the vehicle from driving (such as Heater, aircondition, fridge, water, etc.), please call the rental center customer service during working hours.
In the unfortunate case of emergency, caused by road accident, personal incident or an unexpected issue please call Bandana Caravan. Please bear in mind that out of working hours we are handling emergency calls only. Please bear in mind there is no "Alternative motorhome".



Car-Away is responsible to provide the Renter with the Vehicle as well as the mandatory safety accompaniment, in good working order, registered in accordance to local regulations and all applicable taxes paid.
The Renter agrees to:
(i) use the Vehicle in a prudent and normal manner
(ii) use the Vehicle in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in which it operates
(iii) use the appropriate fuel
(iv) lock the Vehicle when not used
(v) stop using the Vehicle immediately in case of defects and get in touch with Car-Away
(vi) if the Vehicle has a hitch, comply with the Gross Vehicle Weight Allowance that is, the maximum permissible weight for a vehicle) and the permissible total gross weight, that is the maximum permissible weight for a combination of vehicles. 

The Renter agrees not to attach a trailer or similar vehicle if the Vehicle does not have a hitch or in the absence of prior written authorization from Car-Away. He also agrees to make no changes to the Vehicle. In case of breach of these obligations, Car Away may charge the Renter the cost of any damage or repairs caused by such non-compliance.
The Renter agrees to use the Vehicle solely for his personal needs, to the exclusion of any commercial activity (for example: subletting, transport of persons for a fee). The Renter also refrains from participating in any match, race, rally or other competition of any kind whatsoever, as well as tests or preparations. He agrees not to use the Vehicle for unlawful purposes or other than those provided by the manufacturer, and not to overload the Vehicle rented nor to carry a number of passengers greater than that indicated on the Vehicle registration certificate.
By exception, Car-Away can accept that the rental is done professionally. In this case, the Renter agrees to use the Vehicle to ensure its transportation and accommodation or that of its employees and prohibits any commercial use of the Vehicle (subletting, transport of persons for valuable consideration, etc.).
The Vehicle will be driven, at no additional cost, by the Renter and / or an occasional driver approved by Car-Away. If the Renter wishes to benefit from a second additional driver, he / she will have to purchase the corresponding add-on until the time of departure and additional charges will apply. If the Renter wishes to benefit from a second additional driver after departure, he must make a written request to Car-Away. In the event of written acceptance by Car-Away, a new driver will be added to the rental agreement and a contract amendment fee will be applied in addition to any additional driver charges. Any additional Car-Away approved driver is listed on the rental document.
In case of an accident of the Vehicle while being driven by a driver not approved by Car-Away, if the Renter remains beneficiary of the Civil Liability and Recourse insurance policies subscribed by CarAway, on the other hand, he will be deprived of any guarantee covering damage to the Vehicle. As a result, he will be required to compensate Car-Away for all the damages that the Vehicle will have suffered as a result of this accident.
The Renter is liable throughout the duration of the rental for the payment of fines for a number of offenses which list is established by the Highway code, except for the Renter to establish that he is entitled to benefit one of the exceptions provided for in the Code. The Renter is obliged to pay these fines directly to the competent services. If some of these offenses are not reported immediately to the Renter but to us, Car-Away will pay the sums due to the relevant departments before recovering the amount as a refund plus an administrative management fees from the Renter. If the offense in question has not been committed by the Renter but by another authorized driver or not, then it will be up to the Renter to inform the competent services of the identity of the offender, without prejudice to the possible obligation for the Renter to pay the relevant fine.
In accordance with Article L. 121-6 of the Highway Code, Car-Away may be obliged to communicate the details of the Renter to the authority concerned.
In the event of any fine received by Car-Away, an administrative fee of € 40 per ticket / fine will be charged to the Renter except for him / her to establish that he has already paid the ticket / fine concerned or that the latter does not concern the rented Vehicle.

During vehicle collection, a Car-Away agent proceeds to a complete vehicle check-up and reports on the rental document any identified damages (scratches, shocks, etc.). The Renter may ask Car-Away to add damages which would not be mentioned beforehand. A signed copy of this check-up is given to each party.

The Renter agrees to return the Vehicle in the same condition as the one in which it was given to him. On return, a check-up of the Vehicle compared to that of the departure will be made. In the event that the condition of the Vehicle on the return differs from the one made at the start, the damage noted (for example: body shocks or missing accessories), with the exception of those resulting from normal wear, will be considered as chargeable to the Renter except that the latter reports the contrary proof. Unless there is an exclusion, they will be billed to him, within the limit of the maximum financial responsibility in the contract.
The Vehicle will be returned in the same state of interior cleanliness as at its departure. Otherwise, the Renter must pay a lump sum of € 100 for the interior cleaning. In addition, the Renter must have completed the emptying and cleaning of the toilet tank. Otherwise, he will have to pay a lump sum of € 100 for the emptying and cleaning of the toilet tank. To these sums may be added any repairs attributable to the Renter. These amounts can be deducted from the deposit.
Car-Away is committed to providing the Vehicle equipped with tires respecting the safety rules and standards in force. In case of deterioration of one of the tires of the Vehicle for any cause other than normal wear and tear, or the disappearance of one of them, the Renter agrees to replace it immediately and at his expense by a tire of same characteristics and dimensions.

The supply of fuel is the responsibility of the Renter. In the event that the Vehicle is returned with a fuel level lower than the one present at departure, the additional fuel will be invoiced at the price prevailing at Car-Away at the time of the return of the Vehicle. The Renter must periodically check the oil and water level.
All our vehicles, with the exception of the "combi-Van Adventure" category (Hanroad Trek), for which gas bottles are to be purchased by the Renter, are rented with two gas bottles, one of which is full, the other in use. The Renter is responsible for buying any additional bottle he / she would need during the rental period.

Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of Car-Away. The Renter is responsible for the abnormal degradation of the Vehicle suffered by his fault or negligence.
In the event that the Vehicle is immobilized, repairs can only be made after written agreement and in accordance with Car-Away's instructions. Any expenses must be done with the express agreement of Car-Away with a proper receipt. The same rule applies to the interior of the vehicle and the living area (refrigerator, heating, water heater, water pump ...). Under no circumstances, the Renter, nor the authorized intermediary (travel agency for example) representing the Renter, can claim for a compensation for any delays in the delivery of the Vehicle, cancellation of the lease or immobilization in the case of repairs made during the rental which are due to the Renter’s fault. In the event of a serious accident or mechanical problem, the Renter agrees to follow the instructions of Car-Away's assistance. In case of non-compliance with these directives, the Renter will be held financially responsible and will not be able to claim any refund.
Damages due to freezing are the responsibility of the Renter when they result from his fault and / or negligence.

Under penalty of being deprived of the insurance, the Renter agrees to:
- to report any accident, theft or fire, even partial to Car-Away within a maximum of five working days;
- in the event of theft, to provide the receipt of the theft declaration issued by the authorities, within 2 (two) working days;
The Renter also agrees to mention in his declaration the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the name and address of the witnesses, the licence plate of the opponent’s car, the name of his insurance and its policy number;
and to attach to this declaration any police report, gendarmerie or bailiff's report, if it has been established.
In the event of an intentional misrepresentation of the nature, causes, circumstances or consequences of the incident and / or any intentional use of fraudulent documents or evidences, the Renter will be deprived of the insurance. In this case, the Renter also engage his responsibility.
The Renter subrogates ex officio Car-Away in his rights for the exercise of the recourse against the other parties for the material damages. The compensation possibly obtained is used firstly to refund the deductible possibly paid by the Renter and then to refund Car-Away of any costs that may have remained at his expense, the possible balance being paid to the Renter.
The costs and fees incurred, for the recovery of this indemnity, are insured by the Renter and the CarAway in proportion to the amounts due to them.
The Vehicle is only insured for the duration of the rental indicated on the contract. After this period and unless the extension is accepted, Car-Away declines any responsibility for any accidents that the Renter could have and which he will have to do his own business. There is no insurance for damage to the Vehicle and driver when the driver is not licensed or driving while under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of narcotics. There is no insurance covering damage to the Vehicle for accidents that the Renter may cause during the rental period if he/she deliberately provided CarAway with false information as to its age, date or validity of its license.
In the event of an accident where the Renter's liability is withheld and the Vehicle is severely damaged or immobilized for more than five days, Car-Away reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without refunds or compensation. The costs of repairs or franchise remain due.
A damage management fee of € 50 is charged in addition to the cost of the repair. These fees correspond to the cost of administrative damage treatment. They will be refunded if the Renter's liability is waived by the insurances. The amount reimbursed will be prorated to the Renter's percentage of liability as determined by insurance company experts. In the event of an accident with a third party, an amicable report must be completed by the parties involved in the accident. Unless the Renter's liability is waived by the insurances, the full amount of the deductible will be charged to the knowledge of the event, in addition to damage to the vehicle potentially not included in the franchise. The retention of these sums by Car-Away is intended to compensate Car-Away for the nonperformance by the Renter of its obligation to return the Vehicle in good condition. An Amicable report management fee of € 50 will be applied in addition to the cost of the repair.

In the event of the theft of the Vehicle, the Renter must make an official declaration of theft to the Police authorities within two working days and return the Vehicle keys to Car-Away. Otherwise, the Renter will be held responsible and will be charged the full value of the Vehicle, plus the capital costs as determined by expert and file fees. The theft or loss of the Renter’s personal effects are not covered by Car-Away.

A reservation to book a Vehicle within one of the Car-Away branches on a date and for a period agreed to by the Parties may be made on our website (https://www.aviscaraway.com) or in one of our branches, via any intermediary authorized by Car-Away, or by telephone.
When the reservation is made more than 30 days before the departure, the Renter will have to pay a sum representing at least 30% of the total amount of the rental and will pay the balance at the latest 30 days before the departure.
When the reservation is made less than 30 days before departure, the totality is due upon booking. Car-Away accepts the following payment methods: credit card (Visa - Mastercard - AMEX), check, holiday voucher and cash, within the limits provided by law.
In case of a cancellation of a rental the deductions will apply depending on the time of the cancellation.
The sums paid by the Customer and retained by Car-Away in case of cancellation are a deposit and are intended to compensate Car-Away for the profit loss suffered as a result of this cancellation.
In case of cancellation of the rental due to Car-Away, the latter undertakes to return double the amounts paid by the Renter.
Any Renter may substitute another person in the benefit of his reservation as long as he satisfies the requirements of these General Conditions.
There is no insurance covering cancellation fees in our offer. However, the Customer may subscribe an optional insurance as regards to this matter called “cancellation plan” which conditions and details are available on our website (https://www.aviscaraway.com) in the “Services” tab, or through a simple request. Insurance purchased by PRESENCE Assistance Tourisme through AXA Assistance. Conditions apply. Insurance contracts available on the website.
In case of a Cancellation by the Customer, fees described above still apply and Car-Away is entitled to keep the amount paid for the subscription of the “cancellation plan” option, which is nonrefundable.
This insurance is not transferable.
The “Cancellation Plan” option must be subscribed and paid at the time of the booking. Its cost is 7.5% of the rental amount with a minimum of € 170.
The amount of the cancellation plan is never refundable.

The Vehicle is rented for a fixed period between the parties at the time of booking and specified in the rental document.
The price of the rental as well as optional services / products is determined by the rates available on our website or agency. The price of the rental is payable in advance according to the conditions defined in article above. Only the category of the vehicle indicated at the time of the reservation is guaranteed. In the event that there are several different models within the same category, the Renter may not under any circumstances require one vehicle over another, the rental price being the same for all vehicles of the same type. category. In case of force majeure, Car-Away reserves the right to allocate another Vehicle to meet the needs of the Renter (number of places as indicated in the registration certificate, number of sleeping places). If the Vehicle provided is higher price, the price difference between the two rentals is not charged to the Renter. If the offered vehicle is lower price, the price difference between the two rentals will be refunded to the Renter. In addition, Car Away will pay the Renter a sum of € 50.
A deposit in the form of pre-authorization will be made via the credit card presented by the Renter at the time of departure of the rental (Visa or Mastercard only).
The amount of this pre-authorization is € 1000 if the option "Reduction of Liability" has been subscribed.
It is € 2400 if this option has not been subscribed.
As a result, the Renter must first ensure that his credit card has a high enough payment capability to make sure this transaction can be carried out.
This deposit is withheld until 30 days after the return of the Vehicle. Car-Away may, in particular, use it to cover the payment of any refurbishment costs not covered by the insurance or administrative costs related to the receipt of fines and fines not paid by the Renter, or fuel costs, cleaning or late return of the Vehicle etc.
The deposit cannot be used in any case to an extension of rental. In case of early return, no refund will be made.
Any extension of stay must be agreed upon by Car-Away and settled before return. Otherwise, the Renter will be liable to prosecution for misappropriation of the vehicle or breach of trust.
Any stay abroad must be notified to Car-Away before departure.
The modification of the conditions of stay defined between the parties in the rental agreement is possible subject to the availability of the Vehicle on the dates subject to the request for modification. In the event of an increase in the rental period, the modification requested shall result in the payment of the corresponding price surplus. The price of the additional day is calculated pro rata of the price paid per day for the initial rental.
In case of reduction of the rental period:
- If the change occurs more than 30 days before departure, the Renter will receive a refund equal to the difference, if any, between the amount of the initial reservation and the amount corresponding to the modified booking calculated on the basis of the price published on aviscaraway.com. The amount possibly overpaid will be refunded to the Renter after the proper return of the Vehicle;
- Any reduction in the rental period occurring within 30 days of departure, will not give rise to any refund.
Any change will be subject to a change fee of € 65.

The return of the motorhome must be made exclusively during normal business hours of Car-Away agency, also in the case of delay of the Renter. Unless written agreement from Car-Away, departures take place between 09 and 11:30 and returns between 2pm and 4pm. A fee of € 200 applies when the hand-over or return of the Vehicle by the Renter occurs outside normal business hours in the absence of a written agreement from Car-Away. Vehicles must be picked up and returned to the same place (except one-way rental). The Renter remains solely responsible for the Vehicle until it has been duly returned to the Car-Away Agency.
There is no refund in case of early return.
When the Renter does not show up at the agreed date and time for the hand-over of the Vehicle, CarAway reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without any compensation for the Renter and the amounts paid will be retained by Car-Away to compensate Car-Away for the loss suffered as a result of this non-submission.
Any Vehicle returned late will incur a charge of € 50 per hour late.

The Renter formally refrains from abandoning the Vehicle. The Vehicle must, except written derogation, be brought back to its point of departure.
Car-Away agrees to assist the Renter in the event of serious vehicle troubles or breakdowns. During the normal opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 14h to 18h, the Renter will contact the Car-Away teams at + 33 (0) 1 47 49 80 40 (non-surcharged call). Outside these hours, he can join a dedicated assistance subject to having subscribed to the option "24/7 assistance".
The Renter has the possibility to subscribe the option "Assistance 24/7" until the day of departure. This option, which is priced at € 8 per rental day, allows the Renter to benefit from a 24/7 assistance service. The conditions of contact and use of this assistance are communicated to the Renter having subscribed to the option "Assistance 24/7" on departure.
Breakdowns and / or serious disturbances occurring during normal use of the Vehicle in the absence of fault or negligence of the Renter are taken care of by Car-Away and / or its assistance service.
In the event of a breakdown and / or serious disturbance due to fault and / or negligence of the Renter, the costs of repatriation and / or assistance will not be covered by Car-Away and / or his helpdesk. In addition, the rental will remain due until the return of the Vehicle.
In addition, the costs incurred by the Renter in the absence of express agreement of Car-Away and / or its helpdesk will not be supported.

Subscription to the "24/7 Assistance" option does not relieve Renter of the payment of the previously described costs (expenses incurred without the express agreement of Car Away and / or its helpdesk or expenses incurred due to a breakdown or a serious disturbance resulting from a fault or negligence of the Renter). On the other hand, if this option has been subscribed, the assistance service will put the Renter in contact with the competent breakdown services and will assist him / her to take charge of the Vehicle.

Car-Away guarantees the Renter the defects that prevent the use of the Vehicle.
Car-Away undertakes to carry out the functional checks of the vehicle before departure:
- Lighting ;
- License plates ;
- Indicators on the dashboard;
- Windshields (impacts, cracks) and windshield wipers;
- Starter ;
- Oil level ;
- Tires (depth, wear);
- Brakes and brake fluid;
- Exhaust;
- Tire pressure.
In case of unavailability of the requested category, Car-Away will provide a model of equivalent or superior capacity without additional cost.
Car-Away will provide assistance services when needed and will give visibility to its helpdesk on the vehicles available on the premises to enable the renter to continue his journey, without guaranteeing the availability or the routing of the vehicle.

The Renter may submit any complaint about his rental by contacting customer service by email (info@aviscaraway.com) or by telephone (+33 (0) 1 47 49 80 40 - non-premiumed call). Car-Away will process any claim within 30 days.

As part of the provision of the rental service, Car Away is required to perform a personal data processing. Information about these treatments and related rights is detailed in the Car Away Privacy Policy available on the Car Away website and in the agency.

The applicable law is French law.

In accordance with the provisions of articles L.616-1 and following of the Consumer Code, the Renter is informed that, if he has not managed to amicably settle the dispute he encounters with Car-Away after he has implemented the complaints procedure properly, he has the right to have recourse free of charge to a consumer mediator with a view to amicably resolving the dispute with Car-Away.
The Renter can address the Ombudsman of the National Council of Motor Industry Professionals (CNPA), by post (50 rue Rouget de Lisle - 92158 Suresnes Cedex) or email (mediateur@mediateurcnpa.fr) . The parties to the contract remain free to accept or refuse the use of mediation. In accordance with the provisions of Article L.616-2 of the Consumer Code, the Renter is also informed of the possibility of accessing the Online Dispute Resolution Platform: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show It is expressly stipulated that the solution offered by the mediator is binding on the Parties only in the event of the signing of a transaction in accordance with articles 2044 and following of the Civil Code.



Public liability insurance protects the rental company for 760,000 € in case of fire or explosion. Public liability is unlimited in case of accident.


All the drivers must be approved, be at least 23 years old.
A full resident country driver license, held for at least 3 years, is to be presented at time of rental.
In order to be valid, it must be written in Franch or accompanied by an official Franch translation or a valid International Driving license or be issued by a member of the European Union.
WARNING: a customer unable to present a valid driving licence at the time of departure will not be able to get a vehicle and will not be able to claim for a refund.
Customer is responsible for checking regulations for the countries they are planning on visiting. All our vehicles can be driven with a classic drivers licence.
No charge for second driver, 
50 € for the third driver (maximum 3 drivers possible).

AVIS CAR-AWAY vehicles are insured against damage to vehicle from accident, fire, theft, vandalism and third part claim, subject to a 2400 € excess clause. In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, the client’s responsibility is limited to a maximum of 2400 € per occurrence (unless proven that customer did not follow basic recommendations).
With the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the client’s responsibility is reduced from a maximum of 2400 € to 800 € per occurrence.

This guarantee is effective in the majority of western countries: France, Andorra, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Other countries on request

Exceptions: Are not covered by our insurance (Customer's responsibility is unlimited), even with the purchase of CDW:

- Damages due to frost

- Damages to the interior of the vehicle

- Radio, tires, wheels, side mirrors and all glass damages (windscreen, windows)

- Theft of Personal belongings, or vandalism

- Electronic devices provided by Avis Car-Away (GPS, Wi-Fi router, etc)

- Damages to the roof / Higher parts of the vehicle

- Damages caused by striking objects/trees


1. CDW = 16 € per day (minimum charge = 149 €)
With the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the client’s responsibility is reduced from a maximum of 2400 €
to 800 € per occurrence. (see exclusions)

2. Windscreen Damage Waiver = 6.5 € per day (15 € per day on Class A vehicles) With WDW you are waived of any liability for accidental damage to the motorhome glass (cabin only, excludes mirrors).

3. 24/7 Assistance = 8 € per day (maximum 300 €)
Whatever the problem, the customer must call our 24-hour assistance. Everywhere in Europe.

If the motorhome can move autonomously, the customer will be guided to the nearest workshop with a pre-arranged meeting.
In case of malfunction of one of the appliances, if the Motorhome is damaged as a result of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem and consequently cannot move autonomously, the Customer must call Avis Car-Away Assistance. (24 hours a day).
Avis Car-Away Assistance will call and pay for a rescue van to tow the Motorhome to the nearest Fiat Professional Dealership or to another site identified by the rescue operator if the nearest Fiat Professional Dealership is closed. The Customer is entitled in all cases to demand the Motorhome be towed to the nearest Fiat Professional Service Dealership workshop. (Towing costs are paid by Avis Car-Away Assistance).
If requested by the customer, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize transport of the passengers in the place where the camper will be towed (with limits).

Courtesy Car 
If in the case of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem, the time needed for repair is longer than 4 hours or if the Fiat Professional Dealership workshop is closed for more than 24 hours, the Fiat Professional Dealership that performs the repair will make a courtesy car available free of charge for a maximum of five days.

Hotel Expenses
If necessary, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize a stay of a maximum of 5 nights in a local hotel. (Maximum
100 € per person and per night for a maximum of 5 nights).


Return Motorhome depot
If in the case of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem, the time needed for repair is longer than 4 hours or if the Fiat Professional Dealership workshop is closed for more than 24 hours, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize return of the passengers to the Motorhome depot by train or by plane (conditions apply).

Unapproved expenses will not be refunded.
NB: all our customers will be assisted for anything that happens to them during normal business hours.



          1 blanket
          1 pillow
          1 pillow case
          2 sheets
          1 towel



          2 bottles of propane gas (one full, the other one half full)
          1 bottle of toilet chemicals
          1 fire extinguisher
          1 water hose
          1 jerrycan
          1 electric cord with P17 plugs
          1 broom + dustpan
          1 kit of spare fuses and bulbs     
          1 bilingual “User’s Manual”     


All vehicles are equipped for the right amount of people, but each customer should check at the time of departure that they have everything they need. If necessary we can provide more.


Additional charges / Not all locations

          Baby seat
          Bike rack / bikes
          Picnic folding table
          Snow chains

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