RV Rental RV Rental Conditions - 1437

Price Include

  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of: 2800 € per occurrence
  • V.A.T (%): 22
  • Third party insurance up to : €1000000
  • Outside Cleaning on return:
  • Road maps:
  • Pickup transfer at pickup day - see condition: from nearest main airport
  • Airport / hotel transfer - on dropoff day: to nearest main airport
  • Kitchenware kit:
  • Tourist information :
  • Road asistance 24 Hour :
  • Welcome pack:
  • Unlimited Milage:
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance:
  • GPS
  • Winter tires

Extra options

  • Childseat
  • Essential package: Toilet chemical, additional driver and 1 gas bottle
  • Reykjavik Airport transfer
  • Reykjavik city transfer
  • Blue lagoon city transfer
  • Child cushion
  • Final cleaning fee
  • B.B.Q set / Gril
  • Coffee maker
  • WC chemicals kit
  • Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card
  • Gas Bottle
  • Out of hours pick up/drop off
  • Additional Driver Fee
  • Pet cleaning fee
  • Access to camping sites in Iceland- max. 28 nights
  • Insurance excess reduction - option1
  • Insurance excess reduction - option2
  • Camping table & chairs
  • Converter/Adaptor/Inverter
  • Tyre and Windscreen cover
  • Free use of Rv Plan system - RV trip planning
  • Ready-to-Go-package: Bed linen & towels , final cleaning, toilet chemical bottle, cleaning set, raincoats, camping set and BBQ-set
  • Personal Kit (linen and towels)

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 300, the rest 30 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 30 days prior to rental date:
       5 % of rental price, at least 250 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 22 days to 29 days prior to rental date:
       30 % of rental price, at least 300 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 22 days to 29 days prior to rental date:
       30 % of rental price, at least 300 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 21 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 21 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 400 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 400 € EUR will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions

Each calendar day will be charged: Therefore, pick-up day and drop-off day are two separate rental days.

If a pickup or a drop-off is between 18:00–8:00, late surcharge of 199 EUR will apply.

Some destinations are available only as one-way rentals. Touring Cars does not have rental stations in these destinations. Moreover, Pick-up has to be in one of our main rental stations. Clients who wish to book one-way package between one-way rental stations are required to sign one deductible for us and agree for a post rental check-up on the rental vehicle. We will refund the deductible when there are no new damages on the vehicle.

* Confirmed appointment possibility for pick-up and drop-off services.

* 24 h phone service for all road side questions.
VIP Airport Transfer Service for all guests - free of charge
* We allocate as much time to customer service at pick-up and drop-off as required. Average duration of a full orientation at pick-up is 1–2 hours.
Fleet consists of latest models of quality motorhomes driven always less than 100.000km including speciality categories such as Luxury for all you can dream of driving.
* All rates include insurance and HIGH QUALITY KITCHEN AND DINING WARE. We also have a great variety of different additional items that can be booked according to clients wishes.
* Pre-rental cleaning and personal preparation of the rental vehicle.
* Free of charge information package giving the client good insight to travelling with a motorhome and to our destination countries. Available at the rental stations.
Instruction videos available online.

Ready-to-go package includes: bed linen set, final cleaning, toilet chemical bottle, cleaning set, raincoats, 
camping set, and BBQ-set.

Available only when booked in advance. No on-spot payment available. Package has to be purchased for each person traveling, except infants under 2 years

Modern rental vehicle
Value Added Tax
* Unlimited kilometers
Each calendar day is considered as a rental day unit
Compulsory insurance against loss or damage
Collision insurance with
2800 EUR deductible per accident or damage
* Cooking ware and tableware
* Linen exchange free of charge. Clients can replace any linen and bedding for a freshly laundered supply during their stay at any of our rental stations
* Electricity cable for camping sites and water hose for fresh water refill
Each vehicle is supplied with multilinqual instruction booklets
Winter tires

Petroleum (DIESEL) is not included in the price. Diesel tank is full at the pick-up and it has to be returned full. Clients can choose to purchase refueling service if they wish to return a vehicle with non-full diesel tank.

Gas is not included in the price. Both bottles are full upon pick-up and we charge for each used bottle. Gas bottles can be purchased in advance.
Blankets and pillows are not part of standard accessories.
Parking at our depot - Additional charges may apply. Subject to availability.

* Touring Cars rental stations are open 8:00 - 18:00 by appointment only. The rental stations are open all year round.

* Touring Cars needs exact pick-up and drop-off times. In addition, flight numbers have to be informed for all rentals that include airport pick-up service.
Please note that we charge 199 
EUR if the pick up time is between 18:00 and 08:00.

If no flight number is provided upon booking, pick-up / drop-off is confirmed as at rental station. Once these details have been informed, we can add airport transfers. Moreover, we take no liability to check if the arrival / departure flight is using our default airports. This responsibility stays with the sales agent. If an agent does not inform us the service times at all, we will confirm the booking as pick-up at 15:00 (03:00 PM) at our rental station and drop-off at 12:00 (AM) at our rental station.

A refueling charge + administration fee will be applied to a rental if a vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of diesel. Client may choose the Fuel Purchase Option. Full Purchase Option is available at the time of rental and allows clients to return vehicle without refueling diesel tank. Total cost is based on 
26 + 2 EUR surcharge. This option allows a client the convenience of not having to refuel the vehicle prior to returning.

* The vehicle must be returned with empty waste water tank and lavatory cassette. Also, vehicle has to be moderately clean inside. Failure to comply will entail a cleaning surcharge of 250 
EUR. When the vehicle requires an extra effort for cleaning, for example if carpets or seats are badly stained etc. a cleaning surcharge of 79 EUR per hour will apply (even if clients have left the camper cleaned (emptied toilet cassette, grey water, taken the trashes out etc.). Clients can purchase a Final cleaning service, and than they can leave the camper uncleaned.
is prohibited in the camper, we will charge 850 
EUR if this rule is broken.
* Animals
are not allowed in the motorhome without prior notice. The penalty fee is 400 
* Touring Cars will automatically charge all parking fines, which clients have received during their holiday, from credit card with office/admin fee of
50 EUR.
* If a client does not comply with returning time, Touring Cars reserves a right to charge 49 
EUR per hour for each hour that a client is late. The Client has to give a minimum 24-hour notice of being late or the surcharge will be issued. However, Touring Cars has to approve any changes in returning time. Touring Cars may charge in addition to above mentioned fee monetary losses from the client, who was late, if their being late delays next rental of the rental vehicle.

A valid driver’s license is required for all rentals. Driver must have held a driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year.
Primary driver will be added to the Rental Agreement by Touring Cars sales office. The office will add the name, which was given upon reservation, to the Rental Agreement. This individual must hold a valid driver’s license, be over 23 years of age, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), have held the driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least 1 year.
Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement, as Authorized Operators, need to be approved by Touring Cars staff before adding them on the agreement. 
* Renter and each additional authorized operator must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), show valid driver’s license, and must be a minimum of 18 years of age, he or she must have also held the driver’s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year. Additional authorized operator have to present their own credit card for security deposit at rental.

Pick-up and drop-off procedures will always take place at our rental station. Touring Cars offers a number of versatile transfer services to and from nearby locations, before and after the rental, but the motorhom pickup and drop off are always at Touring Cars rental station premises.

Airport Transfers

If a client requests an airport transfer for pick-up, we will pick them up from the airport and drive them to our rental station. We do not give out rental vehicles at the airport. Clients always have to return their rental vehicle to our rental station. If they have booked an airport transfer for drop-off we will drive them to the airport after their rental vehicle has been cleared. Airport transfers are confirmed 30–60 minutes after arrival time and drop-off time is confirmed minimum 3 hours before departure time.
Airport transfer has to be requested separately with complete arrival details: arrival flight number and the estimated arrival time of the flight.

Hotel and City Transfers

If a client orders a hotel transfer for pick-up, Touring Cars will provide a transfer from the Please provide us with client’s flight details when making the booking! hotel to the rental station, where pick-up procedures will be performed by the staff. Similarly, if they book a hotel transfer for drop-off they have to bring the vehicle back to our rental station first. After their rental vehicle has been cleared they will receive a transfer to the hotel.

Vehicle check-up

Touring Cars motorhomes are inspected regularly, and numerous times between the rentals by trained mechanics and Touring Cars staff. Technical condition together with thorough damage check on the motorhomes is performed throug standardized process after each rental.
Detailed damage examples and price lists are available at pick-up. The price list has been compiled on a maximum price per damage basis. In addition, we provide guidance for clients on how to check a motorhome at pick-up to assure the clients on the condition of the motorhome.
The condition of the motorhome is presented for each client during pick-up and the client is allowed to inspect the motorhome as thoroughly as required. For clients who for any reason feel insecure about the condition of the motorhome, are encouraged by Touring Cars to take pictures of the motorhome on the rental station yard to reassure on the condition of the motorhome.

Deposit, amount will be unstated, is required upon departure to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was upon pick-up.
Deposit is made with a credit card imprint, which will be taken at pick-up.
We will authorize one full deductible from client’s card at pick-up, so client’s credit limit should be sufficient to cover the deductible and other purchases that they plan to do during their holiday. Authorization will be cancelled if no new damages will be discovered at drop-off.
Credit Card has to be valid minimum 6 months after drop-off.
* Accepted Credits Cards are Visa, Mastercard or Amex. No cash is accepted! Please note that we will charge 6% for using Amex. Local limitations may apply.
All authorized drivers have to present an individual credit card for Insurance purposes


» Client is obligated to ask for permission from Touring Cars when planning to travel outside the country where the rental station is located.
» Outside the rental agreement opening countries the insurance deductibles are two times higher and special insurance requirements ought to be followed.
» Touring Cars obtains a green card, insurance document, if a client wishes to enter agreed Central and Western European countries but additional traffic insurance might be required. If so, it may be bought at customs.
» Rental stations hold the right to limit the deductible to TC Plus in case of the motorhome is driven outside the country where the rental station is located.
» Traveling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed.
» Traveling to Eastern Europe is allowed only for rental vehicles from our Tallin or Riga office and with a special permission from other rental stations.

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately
. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at Pick-up. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance. In the event the vehicle is in breakdown repair for 24 hours or more, through no fault of the customer, our responsibility to customer is limited to refund of daily rate or portion thereof. Client is required to travel with their rental vehicle to the closest repair location stated by Touring Cars Roadside Assistance. Daily refund will be issued for only the days that a vehicle is at breakdown due to the no fault of a client. No refund will be issued if a client violates the rental agreement. Moreover, Touring Cars will not issued refunds for the whole rental period. Diesel reimbursements will be granted only on Severe cases. Please note that Road Side Assistance is available in Touring Cars destination countries only.


Roadside Assistance
* Free 24 hour telephone assistance - We provide customer service to clients 24 hours a day during their holiday.
Roadside Help
* Key replacement (additional fee) - Lost keys? No worries, we will send replacement keys or a locksmith.
* Flat tire - If the vehicle’s spare tire is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed to nearest garage. Free of charge service if client has purchased windshield and tyre protection package.
* Towing - If the vehicle is inoperable (unrelated to an accident or fault of driver’s behavior) towing charges will be covered at no additional charge.
* Jump start (additional fee) - A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start the vehicle.
* Fuel delivery (additional fee) - A limited supply of gasoline will be delivered to the vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. Up to 15 litres.
* Vehicle replacement (additional fees may apply) - In case of severe technical malfunction of the vehicle, through no fault of the customer, Touring Cars will replace the vehicle for the clients with the best possible available alternative vehicle. Vehicle replacement serivce is subject to availability at all times, and the need for the replacement is asessed and decided by Touring Cars Roadside Assistance.


Traveling with children in a motorhome
A child whose height is less than 135 cm has to be in a type approved safety device when traveling. However, children under 3 years have to be traveling always in a baby seat, meaning that if a baby seat cannot be installed in to the vehicle children under 3 years cannot travel in the vehicle.

All children whose height is under 135 cm must be seated in a child seat or a booster seat when traveling in a motorhome.

All rental stations are open all year round. 

Water system
Client will be responsible to make sure that rental vehicle is
heated properly at all times.
Client takes full responsibility for water system damages.
Additional winter conditions are given at rental.

Winter tires
Winter tires are mandatory in Scandinavia only between 01.11.-31.03
Winter tires are included in the rental price only during before mentioned period.

Driving in Icland
For your safety, we have prepared two guides on how to drive in Iceland. If you are renting a motorhome in Iceland, please read these guides carefully.
General guide on driving in Iceland
* Safety guide on how to drive in Iceland



The insurance coverage is divided into 2 different parts: a compulsory and collision insurance.
The compulsory insurance covers all the damages or accidents to the third party caused by you.
The second one is collision insurance, which covers damages to your own rental vehicle caused by an accident.

Collision insurance covers damages to the vehicle due to an accident, fire or theft. The insurance is NOT valid if the vehicle is being used under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or if damage is caused due to reckless behavior.

The collision insurance does not cover any interior damages that are not caused by a traffic accident.

All Touring Cars rentals include a TC Basic insurance with corresponding deductible. In case of an accident caused to the rental vehicle, the client needs to pay maximum the deductible per damage, per accident, per lost items or per punitive sanctions. The collision insurance covers the part of the monetary loss, which exceeds deductible value per damage. Insurance deductible does not cover interior damages which are not caused by traffic accident.

The minimum reduction period for lowering deductible is 7 rental days or equivalent monetary payment. All additional drivers need to be named for the insurance for it to be valid. If a non-designated driver drives the rental vehicle TCBasic insurance terms and conditions apply with corresponding deductible value per damage. All other rental and insurance conditions remain the same.

Vehicle insurances are valid only in Touring Cars rental station countries, vehicle cannot be taken abroad without special agreement with Touring Cars.

Client will be given details of the current defects on the damage form. Client is responsible to discover the damages prior of signing the document. Client is liable for all new damages found on the vehicle upon the end of client’s rental period. All new damages, which were not marked on the agreement upon pick-up, will be charged from client. This notice is given for clients’ protection.

TC Basic: 2800 EUR deductible, which means that the renter is responsible for paying up to 2800 EUR if he or she causes a damage or an accident to the vehicle. The collision insurance will pay the excess of 2800 EUR. It is very important to notice that the deductible is per damage or accident and not per rental period.

TC Plus: 1200 EUR deductible, 18 EUR per rental day - minimum 7 days. Deposit 1200 EUR.

TC Premium: 600 EUR deductible, 29 EUR per rental day - minimum 7 days. Deposit 600 EUR.

Windshield and tire protection
15 EUR per rental day - minimum 7 days. For one windshield or tire damage. For second or more damages, repair costs according to normal prices. Deposit according to TC Basic, Plus or Premium policy.

Gravel protection
Iceland rental station offers gravel protection insurance that covers damage to headlights, front bumper, mirrors, and the hood of the vehicle, when gravel or rocks hit the vehicle by accident. The minimum reduction period for this is 7 days or equivalent monetary payment. This insurance is not available for pre-booking. It can be booked and paid only at Keflavik rental station.

Cancellation Protection - no reason required
A cancellation Protection can be purchased for any reason at a cost of 10% of the booking’s rental fees. The Cancellation Protection covers cancellation of a rental for any reason. Cancellation reason is not required. The cancellation must be received up to 56 hours before checkout time. The Cancellation protection can only be purchased at the moment of creating the booking, and cannot be added to an existing booking afterwards. The Cancellation Protection cannot be removed from the booking, once purchased. In case of reducing days from the booking at a later stage, the Cancellation Protection price will stay fixed, meaning, it will not be reduced, and it will remain the same as it was when the booking was initially created. If the booking is extended, the Cancellation Protection fee will increase accordingly.


Other Equipment
Dish brush
Dustpan and brush
Plastic baskets
CD player
Water hose
220 V Resource cable
First aid kit
Rubber cloves
Multilingual instruction book
Kitchen Towel
Dish Sope
Cleaning Sponge
Frying pan
Little pot
2-5 liter pot
Water pan
Coffee filter
Dinner plates
Soup plates
Drinking glasses
Coffee mugs
Salad bowl
Salad spoons
Serving bowl
Measurement cups
Cutting board
Hot pad
Pot stand
Soup spoons
Tea spoons
Knifes & Forks
Spaghetti Spoon
Cutting knife
Small sharp knife
Cheese cutter
Frying laden
Bottle opener with corkscrew
Can opener
Wash basin
Draining board

Bed linen set (for purchase)

Inside Pictures

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RV Rental Equipment
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RV Rental Equipment
RV Rental Equipment


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