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* Final confirmation for your booking within 24 hours
MotorCaravan: Adults: Max num of persons 2
Pickup: Children:
Pickup Date Time: 09:00-16:30
Dropoff Date Time: 09:00-17:30
Prepaid mileage package:
1,200 km
Unlimited km


  • Choose the widest insurance
  • Choose bedding set and kitchenware kit
Unit Price Qty Total
1 Camper Van 68.48 8 (Days) 548
2 Preparation Fee 120 120
3 Personal Kit (linen and towels) - Per Person 35 0
4 Insurance excess reduction - option1 - Per Day 16 0
5 Windscreen cover - Per Day 7 0
6 24/7 Breakdown Assistance - Per Day 8 0
7 Additional Driver Fee - rental - flat fee 50 0
8 Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card - rental - flat fee 16 0
9 Camping table & chairs - Per Day 5 0
10 Childseat - Per Day 5 0
11 Child cushion - Per Day 5 0
12 Bicycle rack - Per Day 5 0
13 GPS Navigation device - Per Day 10 0
14 WiFi - Per Day 11 0
15 Ajaccio transfer (from/to train station, ferries, airport) - rental - flat fee 40 0
16 Ajaccio transfer (from/to Bastia, Figari, Calvi) - rental - flat fee 110 0
17 Windscreen cover for Class A vehicles - Per Day 15 0
Total:       668 € EUR

Rates' Notes

International OW are possible from our Paris & Marseille stations only, Extra surcharge and 14 days min.
 For morning pick ups - please arrive to the 
depots until 11:00.
During July & August - No return on Saturday and no Saturday afternoon departure.
 Between April 10th to May 3rd and July 17th to August 20th rentals must start on a Saturday and return on a Friday. 
All rental centers are closed on Sundays except Corsica - on request and with 60 € surcharge.
Rental centers in Tours and Nantes closed on Monday, and rental centers in Marseille and Angers closed on Monday morning.
 Indoor cleaning charges (100 €) may apply if vehicle is returned not clean or toilet not empty.
  Price per day includes 150 km. 1 extra km = 0.35 €.
The CDW insurance valid for minimum 149 € (
10 days renal).

Thank You for choosing BANDANA INTERNATIONAL

We appreciate your business and are committed to provide you with a quality RV rental experience.

I am aware that this is a firm booking. In the next 24-48 hours you should receive to your mailbox a complete confirmation form or an alternative offer ( according to our Motorhomes availability at this stage).
In any case, if the motorhome is available now you are aware that this is a firm booking and your credit card will be charged immediately with the amount of 300 € EUR
Reservations are for a vehicle group only, not for a specific vehicle layout.

Included in Rental Rates
Full comprehensive insurance with excess of:€ 2400 per incident
V.A.T (%):20
third party insurance up to :€ 760000
Vehicle Kit:Water hose, Electric corde, broom+dustpan, etc.
Outside Cleaning on return
Road maps
Campground directory
Extra driver fee:for second driver only
Kitchenware kit
Tourist information
Free storage for your luggage
First tank of propane
First container of chemical liquid
Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance
Guaranteed newer vehicle not older that two model years

Security deposit of 2000 € EUR will be leaved by Credit card to ensure vehicle is returned on time, complete with all equipment, and in undamaged condition
Important - Please pay attention: The name on your Credit Card must be spelled exactly the same as it spelled on your driving licence and your passport

Please beer in mind some notes:
1. In most cases, after booking final confirmation you will be request to send us a copy of your driving license and passports of the whole crew.
2. For security reasons, you will be requested to present physically the same credit card that paid the rental fees at the time of pick up

This reservation security amount is NON REFUNDABLE.
The balance of the invoice will be charged against my credit card 30 days prior to departure day and if departure day is less than 30 days from today, my credit card will be charged immediately for the full amount of this invoice.

I am aware and understand the Cancellation Policy as follows
up to 46 days prior to rental date: 10% of rental price, at least 150 € EUR will not be refunded
30 days to 45 days prior to rental date:
      40 % of rental price, at least 250 € EUR will not be refunded
1 days to 29 days prior to rental date:
      100 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded

Multiple bookingd cancelation
Multiple bookings will be considered as one-piece, cancellation fees will apply accordingly.
In case of partial booking cancellation of multiple booking, cancellation fees will apply accordingly and price will recalculate as per the currently rates.

departure day and no-shows:
   100% of rental price will be kept

Handling Fee (In case of amendments after confirmation): 65 € EUR.
Booking amendments can be done not less then 15 days before pickup.

No show or refusing to receive the motorhome will be considered as a last day cancellation with 100% cancellation fees.
One way fees will be charged in any case of booking amendment or booking cancellation in addition to the cancellation fees.
In case of partial booking cancellation, cancellation fees will apply accordingly and price will recalculate as per the currently rates and subject to an amendment fee.
Prices are included tax as known on booking date. In case of un expected tax changes we reserve the right to recalculate as per the new taxes.
Any cancelation / Amendment request should be done by email / Fax.
Any cancellation / Amendment request which will receive in Bandana office after working hours will consider as received in the next business day.

I have read this statement, fully understand it and fully agree. If you cannot accept these terms, we cannot allow your online reservation.
In that case please feel free to write to reservation@rent-motorhome.com

For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that no personally identifying information will not be transferred to any third party.
This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted.

Reservations are for a vehicle group only, not for a specific vehicle layout.
Although we do everything we can to ensure the complete pleasure we can not stand in the place of the rental companies themselves and be responsible for the service provided. Therefore, the contractual relationship is done directly between the rental company and the tenants. Claims or claims, if any, should be made directly to the hire company. Also lawsuits against the rental company will become clear in a court in the country of origin of the rental company.
I hereby agrees and acknowledges to charge my credit card for the balance amount at the time of final payment without further approval from my side.

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