Length 7.99 | Width 2.32 | Height 2.9
Prepaid mileage package:
Unlimited km
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0 Personal Kit (linen and towels) - Per Person
1 Insurance excess reduction - option1 - Per Day
2 Insurance excess reduction - option2 - Per Day
3 Additional Driver Fee - Per Day
4 Camping Key Europe card - provides third-party insurance when parking in RV campgrounds and discounts for RV campgrounds (in some the discounts valid also during peak season) - rental - flat fee
5 Camping table & chairs - rental - flat fee
6 Child Seat - rental - flat fee
7 Child Booster seat - rental - flat fee
8 WC chemicals kit - Per Day
9 Gas Bottle - rental - flat fee
10 Pets - rental - flat fee
11 Unlimited usage of Rv Plan system - RV trip planning - including the option to book campgrounds - Per Day
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12 Drop & Go (Return fuel tank empty, priority keydrop, 'Easy Return') - rental - flat fee
13 Easy Return (no need to empty water tank, fridge, rubbish, and remove bed linen) - rental - flat fee
14 Special Cover (Includes Windscreen, Mirror & Tyres) - Per Day
15 Young Driver (21-24) - Per Day
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The total downpayment of 0 € EUR, is non-refundable in any case, will be charged instantly to your credit card once we have confirmed your booking.
You can cancel this booking until with no additional fees.
After this date, the cancellation fee will be subject to the relevant step in the cancellation terms specified in this booking.
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This MotorCaravan sale on a flex rate basis.
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