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Technical Details Group A

  • 2x
  • 2x

 2 double beds

Model: 2015-2017

  • Length
  • 5.13
  • |
  • Width
  • 1.89
  • |
  • Internal Height
  • |
  • External Height
  • 1.99

Technical Details

  • Engine - 2.0 L / 120 HP
  • Transmission - Manual Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Internal Walk Throught Access
  • Front Seat Belt - 2
  • Rear Seat Belt - 2
  • Fresh Water Tank - 30 Liter
  • Waste Water Tank - 30 Liter
  • Sink
  • Gas Bottle - 2 X 5 Kg
  • Dash Aircondition
  • Fuel Consumption - 10 – 11 Liter/100 km
  • Motorhome Age - ​Model: 2015-2017


  • Gas Stove - 2 Burners
  • Refrigerator - - Yes
  • Dining Seats - 4
  • Living Room Heating
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • CD
  • Fly Screens - in living room only
  • Water Pump - cold only
  • Toilet - No Toilet
  • Sleeping Places - 4
  • Bed Over Cub - 114/200cm
  • Rear Double Bed - 120/200cm

Price Include

  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of : 700 € per incident
  • V.A.T (%) : 21
  • Outside Cleaning on return
  • Campground directory
  • Extra driver fee
  • Pickup transfer at pickup day - see condition
  • Airport / hotel transfer - on dropoff day
  • Tourist information
  • Road asistance 24 Hour
  • Free parking for your private car
  • First tank of propane
  • First container of chemical liquid
  • Unlimited Milage
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance

Rates' Notes

During High Season - No long term discounts apply for rental less then 30 days.
• Rental centers are closed 13:30-16:00 for siesta.

• Rentals are calculated on 24 hours basis (pick up and drop off on the same hour). In case of exceedind, an extra dey payment will apply.
• Deliveries and/or returns in other cities different than Madrid or Barcelona - Minimum 10 days - Extra charge of 400 € each stretch. In Madrid or Barcelona Airports - Pick up / Drop off will be at the rental station and not at the Airport.
• Extra charge for automatic transmission is valid only for group E.
• GPS for rent with European cartography- minimum of 100 € par rental and deposit of 200 €
• WiFi (except Switzerland and Andorra) 8GB/month requires deposit of 200 €
• Minimum of 18 days are required for one way rental with dropping down outside Spain - according to availability.
• International "one way" services have to be at least 18 days. If it´s possible out of high season (subject to availability).

Extra options

  • Convenience Kit (Bedding and Kitchen kits) - rental - flat fee - 100 € EUR
  • Childseat - rental - flat fee - 35 € EUR
  • Camping table - rental - flat fee - 35 € EUR
  • Child cushion - rental - flat fee - 35 € EUR
  • Bicycle rack - Per Day - 5 € EUR
  • Front Air Condition - Per Day - 10 € EUR
  • TV - Per Day - 15 € EUR
  • Camping table & chairs - rental - flat fee - 40 € EUR
  • GPS Navigation device - Per Day - 10 € EUR
  • Auto transmission - Per Day - 25 € EUR
  • Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card - rental - flat fee - 16 € EUR
  • Bicycle - rental - flat fee - 200 € EUR
  • Wi Fi 8 GB/month - rental - flat fee - 80 € EUR

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 300, the rest 30 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 31 days prior to rental date:
       55 % of rental price, at least 300 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 30 days prior to rental date:
       85 % of rental price, at least 500 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 500 € EUR will not be refunded

Terms & Conditions

The rental prices are include:
No limited kilometers
Airport transfer. We need to know one10 days in advance All the information needed to organize the transfer, flight number, airline name and time of arrival, otherwise we can not provide this service

Full Comprenhensive Insurance (Except for the first 700   charged)
VAT 21%
Leaving costs (gas, WC chemical fluid)
24 Hour road assistance (valid in all Europe)
Maintenance (according to the hiring contract norms)
Free parking for your car during the service

At the moment of the delivery of the vehicle and, when the customer arrives to our settings, we ask him/her for the voucher or the service ticket, the documentation and the driving license (only the original ones, photocopies will not be accepted), we will also ask for the credit card for the deposit.
We will make the contract and explain the important clauses, offering the customer the possibility of reading the whole contract before signing it.

We will explain the customer that in that moment we are chargind to his/her credit card the total amount of the deposit.
We will give him/her the rental contract.
After the above proceedings, they will be invited to leave their luggage and offered a left luggage service free while the service lasts, and we will then explain how the vehicle and its accessories work.
Once this is explained, the following documentation will be provided:

- Authenticated copy of the technical card and road licence.
- Copy of insurance papers (receipts).
- Documents for road assistance which are valid throughout Europe.
- Guide of camping sites all over Europe, Showing services, prices, location of the establishments, ...
- Written instructions to use the items in the mobile home which were explained.
- Original of policy taken out to be read on our premises

We shall agree on the way the vehicle is to be returned and, after informing them of possible roads to their destination as requested, recommend routes, ... and wish them a pleasant journey

On return, we will take care of the transfer and remind them that, once the vehicle has been checked, we will proceed to:
. To make the refund of his deposit, if there is no damage.
. If there is damage, inform them, and to make the refund of the difference.

No refund will be made if the length of hire is shortened or for unused days. There is no refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle.

 Procedure for inspecting vehicles upon their return:

.- An initial inspection is carried out, together with the customer, in order to detect major knocks to the bodywork, in which case the compulsory accident certificate is requested.
.- It is not usually possible to carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle upon its return (particularly damage to the exterior of the roof, interiors and scratches to the exterior), normally because of grime. For this reason, it will always be marked as “pending final inspection and cleaning”.
.- The average time needed to put the vehicles back into service is between two and four hours, therefore the final damage report may not under any circumstances be issued on the spot.
Minimum rent.-

For groups A, B, G, H and P the minimum rent will be of 7 days all the year.
For the rest of the groups the minimum rent will be of 3 days in low and middle season.
For the High Season and Easter always the minimum rent will be of 7 days.

(*) We have different models of baby chairs, but in all cases Group 1 approved, for 9 kg and above in the direction of travel.


Madrid & Barcelona Monday to Friday 10:00 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 19:00 hours.
Barcelona - 10:00 to 13:00 hours, Between October to the end of March the station is closed.

Madrid - 11:30 to 13:00 hours, Between October to the end of March the station is closed.
All the year is closed the Sundays and Hollidays:
1 January, 6 January, 9 April (Madrid), 10 April, 13 April (Barcelona), 1 May, 2 May (Madrid), 15 May (Madrid), 1 June (
Barcelona), 24 June (Barcelona), 15 August, 11 September (Barcelona), 24 September (Barcelona), 12 October, 2 November (Madrid), 9 November (Madrid), 7 December (Madrid), 8 December, 25 December, 26 December (Barcelona).    

Regardless of this, we understand that on occasions we must make the timetable flexible, especially if passengers have to reach a plain, train or ship. It is possible and even feasible to deliver or return on holidays.

.-Extra Charge for services out of normal time:
 Delays in deliveries and/or returns who oblied to have the branch open out the normal timetables of the different branches, include the necessary time to make the transfer services from/to airports or others…………………………………………………… 100 €
 If the excess time is more than 1,5 hours the extra charge will be…. 200 €
(This extra charges are to apply independently of the penalties wirted on the contract and hiring conditions and thery are to evit the abuse of some customers who arrive on the limit hour and them required aditional time to make their luggage or to make the transfers; in all cases the customer has one hour for delivery and return on the booking confirmation and on the hiring contracts and they know perfectly the normal timetables to operations).


     Without charge at our facilities in Madrid and Barcelona; this branches has a free transportation from/to airports on this cities. Transfer services from/to hotels on the cities are availables always under availability (Please consult it).
We need to know one10 days in advance All the information needed to organize the transfer, flight number, airline name and time of arrival, otherwise we can not provide this service
The deliveries and/or returns always made on the branches because today there are special restrictions in some areas inside the cities and also on the airports.
The free transportation is available exclusively for travellers who use air services or similar for Pick Up and Drop Off and with services of minimum 7 days.
For customers who use your own transportation there are maps on our web site and in case of idiomatic difficult is available itinerary and aproximatelly cost for taxi-drivers.
If the customers come to our branches by car they can to park it in our installations free of charge



A non-European Union driving licence will not be valid where a European Union passport is used to enter Europe, even where in possession of an international driving licence. The entry passport and the licence must bear the same nationality. The international licence is only there to compare categories and languages between countries, and must be accompanied by the original in order to be valid.

 Should the customer fail to provide the compulsory original documents at the time of handover of the vehicle to the customer, or the latter does not have in his or her possession a credit card to which to charge the deposit, Euromotorhome may refuse handover of the vehicle, which would be tantamount to a cancellation or no-show, with a penalty of 100% of the value of the hire taken out.


 The time at which the service commences will be that set out in the confirmation of reservation document.
In the event of a customer with a reservation arriving at a different time, later than that shown in the official confirmation, the previously confirmed time will be taken into account for return, and not that which would apply due to the service having started later.
A no-show by the customer at the place and time agreed for the start of the service will be deemed a unilateral annulment of the contract and reservation, by the customer, with a penalty of 100% of the value of the hire taken out, and the aforementioned no-show will empower Euromotorhome to take possession of the reserved vehicle, with the customer entitled to no compensation whatsoever.

Where flight or other details needed for transfer on arrival are not provided, or where the wrong details are mistakenly provided, Euromotorhome is exonerated from any liability to customers and the agency, and passengers must pay costs arising as a result, or make their own arrangements to travel to the branch. Whatever the case, flight information should be notified to Euromotorhome at least 10 days prior to the start date of the services.

In the case of transfers confirmed in the reservation for airport pickup, the following rules will apply:

a) In the case of domestic flights, Euromotorhome staff will go to the arrivals gate of the relevant main concourse 30 minutes later than the scheduled time or the time at which the flight actually lands. Passengers must therefore wait in or around the aforementioned gate, if exiting before that time.
b) In the case of international flights originating in the European Economic Community, the estimated exit time is, likewise, at least 30 minutes.
c) For international flights originating outside the European Economic Community, Euromotorhome staff will proceed to the arrivals gate in the main concourse 60 minutes after the scheduled or actual landing time, and passengers must follow the same instructions as for domestic flights.
d) If, once the flight has landed, the passenger has not exited in the time specified in the aforementioned sections, Euromotorhome will wait a maximum of 45 minutes, after which the customer will be obliged to contact the Reservations Switchboard and make his or her own travel arrangements to the branch, or else pay 100 € in expenses, in addition to being liable for other costs for out-of-hours handover.
It is therefore recommended that the passengers be warned of this eventuality, in order that they immediately contact the Reservations Switchboard in case of lost luggage or other items, in order to avoid the aforementioned surcharges.


  Euromotorhome will always provide the group or vehicle officially confirmed, in cases of accident, breakdown or late-return of the assigned vehicle; Euromotorhome reserves the right to substitute the reserved vehicle and category with any other category group higher than that reserved. The aforementioned will not give rise to any entitlement to reimbursement or compensation, as an upgrade is always to a vehicle with a higher cost per day.

The prices shown include maintenance cleaning of the vehicle interior as well as that of the whole exterior; nevertheless, where the vehicle is returned with the interior soiled, Euromotorhome may charge the customer a variable amount of between 40 and 100 € in this regard, dependent on its general state and the criteria of the Euromotorhome service technicians.


.- One way fee of 200 € each service.
.- Branches in 2009 Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga.
.- Minimum services between branches 10 days (please consult for shorter periods).


Inside Spain:

.- Minimum services payed 10 days.
.- Extra charge of 400 € each stretch
This service are always subjecto to availability and is necessary to make the consultation on the moment to make the booking or the first request of availability.
This special service is valid exclusively in programmed services accepted on the moment of the booking confirmation and there are not possible changes or modifications after the official confirmation.

Outside Spain:

 .- Are posible returns on other countries of the European Community with the minimum of 18 days service charged and paying the extra charge for the special transportation.
 This service are always subject to availability and is necessary to make the consultation on the moment to make the booking or the first request of availability.
 This special service is valid exclusively in programmed services accepted on the moment of the booking confirmation and there are not possible changes or modifications after the official confirmation.
Rome, Paris, Florence, Milan, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Francfurt, Venice, Zurich - 900 €

Berlin - 1000 €
Lisbonne - 600 € - Services who use Portugal on the trip need special information about the toll higways, please us if your destination is Portugal.

• Inside or outside Spain we have an urgent return service at a fee which could be rated as special interest and on ocassions will be subject to availability. In case of this urgent services are not possible to apply the normal conditions, in each case is necessary to calculate the extra charge if the service are running.

The motorhome must be returned clean, and with WC and all residual water containers properly emptied. Otherwise, the customer will pay the amount of up to 200€.


• No younger than 25 years old. • To have the driving license (B1) in force for at least two years.


Technical Details


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Our insurance is "full risk in all case except for the first 700 € "
The insurance has a cover also for the people in the motorhome in case of damage.
Also we have other insurance for asistance in the road 24 hours in all Europa to assist the possible problems in the engine of our motorhomes who cover nights in hotel, repatriation, expenses for transport and so on (traditional normal servcices similar Hertz, Avis,....in all countries).


Only on request and pre-pay of 100,00 €  it is possible the "kit equipment" with sleeping bags and crockery devices, not towels. This price is unique pay for all services and for all people
Equipment Kit Include:
Set of dishes
Coffee cups
Coffee machine
Cutlery : Knives, Spoons, Forks
Frying pan
Skimming ladle
Can opener
Cooking pot
Sleeping bags

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