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Technical Details B 4 - Comfort

  • 4x

This premium product is ideal for couples, small families or groups of friends who want more space and lots of storage! Yes, life can be good on the road, as you relax and think about the next days activities!

Guaranteed newer vehicle not older than two model years

  • Length
  • 7.46
  • |
  • Width
  • 2.3
  • |
  • Internal Height
  • |
  • External Height
  • 2.7

Technical Details

  • Engine - Diesel / 2.3 Liter / 130 HP / Fiat or Citroen
  • Transmission - Manual Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Internal Walk Throught Access
  • Front Seat Belt - 2
  • Rear Seat Belt - 2
  • Fresh Water Tank - 140 Liter
  • Waste Water Tank - 80 Liter
  • Fuel Tank - 90 Liter
  • Sink
  • Gas Bottle - 2 X 11 Kg
  • Dash Aircondition
  • Fuel Consumption - 10 – 12 Liter/100 km
  • Motorhome Age - Up to 2 years
    on the road


  • Bicycle Rack - Optional - extra charge
  • Gas Stove - 3 Burnners
  • Refrigerator - Yes (gas, 12 v, 220 v)
  • Dining Seats - 4
  • Living Room Heating
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • TV
  • Shower
  • CD
  • Fly Screens - in living room only
  • Water Pump - hot and cold
  • Toilet - Marine (casset)
  • Sleeping Places - 4
  • Folding Bed - 130/190cm
  • Rear Double Bed - 140/190cm
  • Middle Double Bed - 110/190cm

Price Include

  • Guaranteed newer vehicle not older that two model years
  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of : € 2400 per incident
  • V.A.T (%) : 20
  • third party insurance up to : € 760000
  • Vehicle Kit : Water hose, Electric corde, broom+dustpan, etc.
  • Outside Cleaning on return
  • Road maps
  • Campground directory
  • Extra driver fee : for second driver only
  • Kitchenware kit
  • Tourist information
  • Free storage for your luggage
  • First tank of propane
  • First container of chemical liquid
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance

Rates' Notes

International OW are possible from our Paris & Marseille stations only, Extra surcharge and 14 days min.
 For morning pick ups - please arrive to the 
depots until 11:00.
During July & August - No return on Saturday and no Saturday afternoon departure.
All rental centers are closed on Sundays except Corsica - on request and with 50 € surcharge.
Rental centers in Tours, Le Mans and Chartres closed on Monday, and rental center in Marseille closed on Monday morning.
 Indoor cleaning charges (100 €) may apply if vehicle is returned not clean or toilet not empty.
  Price per day includes 150 km. 1 extra km = 0.35 €.
The CDW insurance valid for 10 days minimum - 100 €.

Extra options

  • Childseat - Per Day - 5 € EUR
  • Insurance excess reduction - option1 - Per Day - 10 € EUR
  • Camping Key Europe Membership insurance Card - rental - flat fee - 16 € EUR
  • Child cushion - Per Day - 5 € EUR
  • GPS Navigation device - Per Day - 10 € EUR
  • Personal Kit (linen and towels) - Per Person - 35 € EUR
  • Additional Driver Fee - rental - flat fee - 50 € EUR
  • Camping table & chairs - Per Day - 5 € EUR
  • Bicycle rack - Per Day - 5 € EUR
  • PAI – 24 hours breakdown insurance - Per Day - 8 € EUR
  • Ajaccio Transfers - rental - flat fee - 40 € EUR

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 300, the rest 30 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 46 days prior to rental date:
       10 % of rental price, at least 150 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 31 days to 45 days prior to rental date:
       40 % of rental price, at least 250 € EUR will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 30 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 350 € EUR will not be refunded

Hot Deals

50% for the Camping discount card - ACSI - in every motorhome rental in France and Netherlands
Long Term Discount for motorhome rental in France
5% Discount for 21-100 Days

Terms & Conditions

All daily rates are reflected in Euros. Our rates include:

Tax (VAT = 20%)
Comprehensive Insurance (see Insurance)
Guaranteed newer vehicle not older that two model years
Vehicle kit (water hose, jerrycan, electric cord, broom + dustpan, clothes hangers)
Cooking utensils
Tourist information (road maps, list of campgrounds, map of “Aires de services” [service areas])
Regional suggested itineraries (Brittany, Loire Valley…)
Outdoor cleaning after return
Trips overlapping seasons are charged in the appropriate seasonal rate for each day of travel.

Minimum charge is 7 days all year.
Even if the motorhome is needed for a shorter period, we will charge 7 days.

Handling and preparation fee (120 € ) / 
(90 € for the Combi Van)
It includes first bottles of  propane and first bottle of toilet chemicals.  

Handling fee is mandatory and must be prepaid.

PRIVATE TRANSFER – (PARIS & AJACCIO ONLY - other locations on request)

Customers are requested to report at the time of booking or not later than 7 working days before pick-up date arrival details or hotel address and how many people are in customers party.

1. Due to too many last-minute changes, only pre-paid transfers will be arranged.
2. Clients must provide a valid telephone number – preferably a mobile, this will allow us to send a SMS of confirmation. We will be unable to confirm a transfer if we do not have a telephone number.

3. In the event a client who has pre-paid a transfer take a regular taxi or public transportation, there will not be any refund. Transfers must be confirmed at least 7 days in advance.

Transfer on Arrival day
We can arrange transfers to our location from:
- CDG and ORLY Airports
- EUROSTAR Terminal (Paris Gare du Nord - Train Station)

- Airport area hotel
- Paris Downtown hotels
- Other Paris Train Stations
- Ajaccio Airport

- Ajaccio train station
- Ajaccio ferry terminal
- Ajaccio area hotel
- In case of airport transfers, we do need all flight details to arrange them : hour of arrival, flight number and departure place. (ex : Flight BA 308 from London - 12h30 )
- In case of transfer from a Train Station, we do need all train details to arrange it : hour of arrival, train number and departure place. (ex : Eurostar 1212 from London - 08.55 )
- In case of transfer from a hotel, we do need hotel details (name, address and telephone)

Transfers are possible from 08:00 to 15:00. Due to potential traffic problems beyond our control, precise pick-up and departure times cannot be guaranteed.

Transfer on last day
We can arrange a return transfer to a hotel, a train station or an airport.
This transfer can be pre-paid or paid locally. Transfer must be arranged with the client.

Other special transfers (such as clients with windsurf or special luggage, or transfers from BEAUVAIS Airport) must be notified upon booking and will be charged accordingly.

Airport Meeting points:
CDG – Terminal 1, 2, 3: Exit gate (just after the custom)
Orly Airport: Exit gate
 (just after the custom)

ONE-WAY (on request only) (no minimum period required)
No one-way between Continent and Corsica – Other one-way are possible – on request

INTERNATIONAL ONE-WAY (on request only) (minimum period required)

We’ve been offering this unique service for two years with great success. Note that we do not have stations outside France, but we send a driver to drive the motorhome back to Paris.
- International OW are possible from our PARIS & Marseille stations only
- We require a minimum of 14 days rental
- Drop off points are flexible. Usually, it’s at the airport but it can be at a hotel.

Prices are given as a guideline only, according to season, repatriation cost may vary a little.

International One Way charge will be re-confirmed for each rental.

We strongly recommend our clients spend their first night in a hotel.

Allow approximately one hour for departure formalities

Pick-up time is between 09:00 to 11:00 and between 14:00 to 16:30.
Our depots are closed for lunch

AM PU not after 11:00 // PM PU not after 16.30.
There is no refund if vehicle is picked up later than scheduled time.
Upon his arrival, the client should expect to:
- Show a valid driving license (domestic or international)
- Leave a security deposit (2000 €) – credit card imprint VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX not processed. This is to ensure vehicle is returned on time, complete with all equipment and in undamaged condition. When CDW is taken - the diposit is 1000 €.
- Watch a 10 mn video “How to operate your motorhome” (French or English).
A bilingual “Operator Manual” is given to our clients. The vehicle is then inspected by AVIS CAR-AWAY and the renter who is asked to sign a “Departure contract”. The rental is thus open.
 We provide free storage for luggage or other valuables. Not for One-Way rentals.

Return time is between 09:00 to 12:00 and between 14:00 to 17:30.
Our depots are closed for lunch

AM DO not after 12:00 // PM PU not after 17.30.
Penalties are charged for late returns without prior authorization.
No refund will be made if the length of hire is shortened or for unused days. There is no refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle.
- Toilet must be clean and empty (if not, an additional fee of 100 € is levied)
- Waste water tank must be drained
- Interior of motorhome must be clean (especially refrigerator, stove and shower)

Indoor Cleaning charges (100 €) may apply if vehicle is returned not clean.
- Diesel tank must be full (as it was on departure)

The security deposit is returned provided that the motorhome is undamaged and clean.
The vehicle is inspected by our staff and the renter who is asked to sign a “Return contract”. The rental is thus closed.

Client is responsible for routine maintenance while traveling (coolant, oil, tire pressure) as well as reporting mechanical failure immediately. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence on operation and/or in performing normal maintenance.

If, for any reason beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, we reserve the right to substitute a model of similar or higher rated vehicle.

Travel to North Africa and to some East Europe countries is not permitted. 

Our depots is open Monday through Saturday, however, some depots are closed on Monday morning. All stations are closed on Sundays and for Bank Holidays

At the end of the Rental Period, the customer must pay Avis Car-Away on demand:
Any amount paid or payable by Avis Car-Away or payable by the customer arising out of his/her use of the Motorhome or imposed on the customer or Avis Car-Away by governmental or other competent authority (such as speeding, road toll, parking and traffic fines). In addition to any penalty or fine, the Renter is liable to pay Avis Car-Away the 
40 € infringement administration fee.

In case of a breakdown, who do you have to contact?
In the unfortunate case of a breakdown, please follow these instructions:
In case of a breakdown which is disabling the vehicle from driving, please call the rental center customer service or to the road side assistance service.
In case of any accessories failure which does not disabling the vehicle from driving (such as Heater, aircondition, fridge, water, etc.), please call the rental center customer service during working hours.
In the unfortunate case of emergency, caused by road accident, personal incident or an unexpected issue please call Bandana Caravan. Please bear in mind that out of working hours we are handling emergency calls only. Please bear in mind there is no "Alternative motorhome".

Technical Details


View Angers rental Center in a larger map


Hotels near Tours Airport:

Mercure Tours Nord - Book this hotel with Booking.com
11 rue de l'Aviation, 37100 Tours

Fasthotel Tours Nord - Book this hotel with Booking.com 
22 Rue Des Ailes, 37210 Parçay-Meslay

Comfort Hotel "La Terrasse" Tours Nord - Book this hotel with Booking.com
1, Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 37100 Tours

Clarion Hotel Château Belmont Tours - Book this hotel with Booking.com
57 Rue Groison, 37100 Tours

Hotels near the rental center:

Logis Du Cavier - Book this hotel with Booking.com
2 Route Nationale 162 - La Croix Cadeau, 49240 Avrillé

Grand Mainguet - Book this hotel with Booking.com 
le Grand Mainguet, 49070 Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie

La Haye Chambre d'Hôtes - Book this hotel with Booking.com
Route de la Meignanne, 49240 Avrillé

Château des Forges - Book this hotel with Booking.com
Route d'Epinard, 49100 Angers



Public liability insurance protects the rental company for 760,000 € in case of fire or explosion. Public liability is unlimited in case of accident.


All the drivers must be approved, be at least 23 years old and have already held a full domestic driver’s license for at least two years. International driving license is not mandatory. No charge for second driver, 50 € for the third driver (maximum 3 drivers possible).
AVIS CAR-AWAY vehicles are insured against damage to vehicle from accident, fire, theft, vandalism and third part claim, subject to a 2400 € excess clause. In the event of loss or damage to vehicle while on rental, the client’s responsibility is limited to a maximum of 2400 € per occurrence.
With the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the client’s responsibility is reduced from a maximum of 2400 € to 800 € per occurrence.

This guarantee is effective in the majority of western countries: France, Andorra, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Other countries on request

 Exceptions: Are not covered by our insurance (Customer's responsibility is unlimited), even with the purchase of CDW or PAI:

- Damages due to frost

- Damages to the interior of the vehicle

- Radio, tires, wheels, side mirrors and all glass damages (windscreen, windows)

- Theft of Personal belongings, or vandalism

- Electronic devices provided by Avis Car-Away (GPS, TV, antenna)

- Damages to the roof

- Damages caused by striking objects/trees

1. CDW INSURANCE = 10 € per day (minimum charge = 100 €)
With the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), the client’s responsibility is reduced from a maximum of 2400 € to 800 € per occurrence.

2. PAI – 24 HOUR BREAKDOWN INSURANCE = 8 € per day (maximum 300 €)
Whatever the problem, the customer must call our 24-hour assistance. Everywhere in Europe.

If the motorhome can move autonomously, the customer will be guided to the nearest workshop with a pre-arranged meeting.
In case of malfunction of one of the appliances, if the Motorhome is damaged as a result of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem and consequently cannot move autonomously, the Customer must call Avis Car-Away Assistance. (24 hours a day)
Avis Car-Away Assistance will call and pay for a rescue van to tow the Motorhome to the nearest Fiat Professional Dealership or to another site identified by the rescue operator if the nearest Fiat Professional Dealership is closed. The Customer is entitled in all cases to demand the Motorhome be towed to the nearest Fiat Professional Service Dealership workshop. (Towing costs are paid by Avis Car-Away Assistance)
If requested by the customer, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize transport of the passengers in the place where the camper will be towed (with limits).

Courtesy Car 
If in the case of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem, the time needed for repair is longer than 4 hours or if the Fiat Professional Dealership workshop is closed for more than 24 hours, the Fiat Professional Dealership that performs the repair will make a courtesy car available free of charge for a maximum of five days.

Hotel Expenses
If necessary, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize a stay of a maximum of 5 nights in a local hotel. (Maximum
100 € per person and per night for a maximum of 5 nights).


Return Motorhome depot
If in the case of a Breakdown, an Accident or an Assisted Problem, the time needed for repair is longer than 4 hours or if the Fiat Professional Dealership workshop is closed for more than 24 hours, Avis Car-Away Assistance will organize return of the passengers to the Motorhome depot by train or by plane (conditions apply).

Unapproved expenses will not be refunded.



          1 blanket
          1 pillow
          1 pillow case
          2 sheets
          1 towel



          2 bottles of propane gas (one full, the other one half full)
          1 bottle of toilet chemicals
          1 fire extinguisher
          1 water hose
          1 jerrycan (20 liters)
          1 electric cord + European adapter
          1 broom + dustpan
          5 clothes hangers
          1 kit of spare fuses and bulbs     
          1 bilingual “User’s Manual”
          1 map of “Aires de Services” (=service areas)
          1 guide of selected campgrounds in France         


          6 plates                                                 1 can opener
          6 dessert plates                                    1 corkscrew
          6 glasses                                              1 bottle opener
          6 bowls or mugs                                   1 frying pan
          6 knives                                                2 sauce pans
          6 forks                                                   1 salad bowl
          6 spoons                                               1 platter
          6 tea spoons                                         1 strainer
          1 potato peeler                                        
          1 kitchen knife


Additional charges / Not all locations

          Baby seat
          Bike rack / bikes
          Picnic folding table
          Snow chains

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