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Technical Details C-MED

  • 4x

Motorhome for 4 adults. Rear double bed and a double bed above driver's cabin. Some models have 1 Slide out - no guarantee.

Up to 2 years on the road

1 Forward-facing car seat cen be fitted in this motorhome.
Only children older than one year AND Between 9-18 kg are permitted to drive in this motorhome.
Babies until at least one year old AND 9 kg are not 
permitted to drive in this motorhome.
Children under 9: More than 18 kg AND under nine years old OR 145 cm tall are not 
permitted to drive in this motorhome.

  • Length
  • 7.57
  • |
  • Width
  • 2.52
  • |
  • Internal Height
  • 2.13
  • |
  • External Height
  • 3.3

Technical Details

  • Engine - Ford E350 6.8, Gasoline
  • Transmission - Auto Transmission
  • Internal Walk Throught Access
  • Front Seat Belt - 2
  • Rear Seat Belt - 2
  • Fresh Water Tank - 152 Liter
  • Waste Water Tank - 141 Liter
  • Fuel Tank - 209 Liter
  • Sink
  • Gas Bottle - Propane gas 18 Kg
  • Dash Aircondition
  • Generator
  • Cruise Control
  • Fuel Consumption - 22-24 Liter / 100 Km.
  • Motorhome Age - Up to 2 years
    on the road


  • Gas Stove - 3-4 Berners
  • Refrigerator - with freezer
  • Dining Seats - 4
  • Living Room Aircondition
  • Living Room Heating
  • Microwave
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • TV
  • Shower
  • CD
  • Fly Screens - on all windows
  • Water Pump - hot and cold
  • Toilet - Flush toilet
  • ABS
  • Sun Canopy
  • Sleeping Places - 4
  • Bed Over Cub - 137/244cm
  • Rear Double Bed - 137/230cm

Price Include

  • Rubber gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Tool set (incl. screw driver and pliers)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • RV toilet tissue (4 rolls)
  • Axe
  • Shovel
  • Full comprehensive insurance with excess of : $ 1500 per incident
  • third party insurance up to : $ 5,000000
  • Vehicle Kit : water+sewer hose, broom and dust pan
  • Extra driver fee : Only 1 additional driver
  • Free storage for your luggage
  • Free parking for your private car
  • First tank of propane
  • First container of chemical liquid
  • Traveling abroad - must be confirmed in advance : USA

Rates' Notes

  • Between November and March the branches are closed on Saturday.
  • Early Bird Discounts and All Inclusive bookings require a minimum of 14 nights.
  • Unlimited km rentals are only possible in conjunction with All Inclusive Package and 14 nights minimum.
  • Rentals with limited km - $0.41 per additional km.
  • Convenience Kit - must be booked for each person older than 3 years.
  • Failure to bring unit back with a full tank of gas - $50 refueling fee plus cost of gas.
  • Failure to empty holding tanks - $25 charge per tank.
  • Failure to refrain from smoking in unit - $250 charge .
  • Failure to notify Meridian RV of pets travelling along - $500 charge. From January 2020 pets are not allowed.
  • Failure to bring unit back clean inside/outside - $100-300 charge, depending on condition of unit.
  • Failure to return unit in the presence of a rental clerk, during regular business hours - $500 charge if unit left on street in front of station.
  • Driver must be 25-75 years old. Anyone 21-24 years old can drive only if the principal driver/renter is 25 years old or older.
  • Customers travelling with bikes must ensure they are safely secured to bike racks. Bike helmets are required and not privided. No bikes are permitted inside motorhomes. We are not able to provide transfers to our station for bikes.

Extra options

  • Convenience Kit (Bedding and Kitchen kits) - Per Person - 109 $ CND
  • Additional Driver Fee - Per Day - 10 $ CND
  • Final cleaning fee - rental - flat fee - 100 $ CND
  • Childseat - rental - flat fee - 50 $ CND
  • Coffee maker - rental - flat fee - 10 $ CND
  • Toaster - rental - flat fee - 10 $ CND
  • GPS Navigation device - rental - flat fee - 75 $ CND
  • Camping chair - rental - flat fee - 10 $ CND
  • Camping table - rental - flat fee - 10 $ CND
  • Baby cot - rental - flat fee - 30 $ CND
  • Bicycle - Per Day - 20 $ CND
  • Bike Rack (holds 1-2 bikes) - rental - flat fee - 75 $ CND
  • Bike Rack (holds 3-4 bikes) - rental - flat fee - 125 $ CND
  • Kitchenware Kit - rental - flat fee - 140 $ CND
  • Transfer to/from Vancouver Rental Center - rental - flat fee - 130 $ CND
  • Parking at rental station - Per Day - 5 $ CND

Payment Conditions

Down payments of 500, the rest 30 days before pickup.

Cancelation Fee

  • up to 31 days prior to rental date:
       10 % of rental price, at least 250 $ CND will not be refunded
  • 16 days to 30 days prior to rental date:
       65 % of rental price, at least 400 $ CND will not be refunded
  • 2 days to 15 days prior to rental date:
       80 % of rental price, at least 500 $ CND will not be refunded
  • 1 days to 1 days prior to rental date:
       100 % of rental price, at least 700 $ CND will not be refunded

Hot Deals

Long Term Discount for Motorhome Rentals in Canada
5% Discount for 27-41 Nights
10% Discount for 42-100 Nights

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Number of Rental Nights

Minimum 7 nights required.  Renter can book less nights, but must still pay for 7, with the understanding that pick-up and drop-off dates must be confirmed at time of booking and cannot be altered. Early Bird Discounts, Unlimited kilometres, A class rentals and All Inclusive bookings require a minimum of 14 nights. If customers wish to drop off their unit a few days early, that is not a problem, but they must pick up as originally scheduled. (From January 2020, The maximum number of rental nights possible is 30).


Driver Age Requirements

Renters must be between the ages of 25 and 75. Anyone 21-24 years of age can drive, but only if the principal driver/renter is 25 years of age, or older.  Anyone listed on the contract as  a ‘driver’ must be physically present at pick up, or they will not be permitted to drive.

License Requirements

For all drivers, a national driver’s license from their home country is required (original please, not a copy). For translation purposes, overseas residents are required to produce an international driver’s license. If their license is not in English, German or Dutch. An international driver’s license is only valid in conjunction with a national driver’s license. Driver with 'N' (New) or 'L' (Learner) designation are not permitted to drive our units.


Principal Driver / Renter

The ‘principal driver’ is the renter, and he/she must be physically present at both pick up and drop off to sign all paperwork. The renter must be the one that provides a credit card for the Security Deposit at pick up (MasterCard or Visa only). No exceptions to these conditions.


Required First Night in Hotel
For safety reasons, all renters arriving on overseas flights must spend their first night in a hotel.


U.S Border Crossing
There is no additional charge for travel to the United States.


Pet Policy
Small dogs permitted in a limited number of units - maximum 30 pounds - and Meridian RV must be advised at time of booking (Pet Surcharge applicable). As of the 2020 rental season, pets are no longer able to travel along in our units.


No Smoking Policy
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Meridian RV motorhomes and trailers.


Northern Rentals

No travel is permitted further north than Hwy 16 between Prince Rupert and Prince George, and Highway 97 between Prince George and Fort St. John.


Hours of Operation (both stations)
8:30 - 17:00
Open Monday - Saturday (April 1 - Oct 31)
Open Monday - Friday (Nov 1 - March 31)
(Rental department closed on Sundays and holidays).
Rental Pick-Up: 11:00 - 15:00 (by appointment only)
Rental Drop-Off: 08:30 - 10:00 (first-come-first-serve basis)
After drop off, shuttles depart Meridian RV for transfers to hotels and the airport at 10:30.
Late drop-offs are subject to a $100 per hour fee. Absolutely no pick-ups or drop-offs possible after 15:00.


Children Travelling Along - Child Seats

Meridian RV must be advised if children are travelling along in one of our motorhomes, and what their ages are. Our motorhomes come equipped with lap belts only (not 3-point seat belts). A tether is available for securing child seats in all C-Class motorhomes (but not A Class and B Class). Only forward-facing child seats (for toddlers and preschoolaged children) can be safely installed in our C Class units, one per unit. Rear-facing car seats (for infants) and booster seats are not permitted, because they cannot be attached to the tether. Meridian RV staff are not legally permitted to assist with the installation of car seats. For more information please contact our rental department.


Customer Check-In Form
All customers should fill out a Customer Check-In Form and return it to Meridian RV at least 14 days prior to their first rental day. These forms are sent to each customer with their confirmation. They can also be downloaded from the Terms & Conditions page of our website.


Pick-Up Appointment

RV pick up for rentals is between 11:00 and 15:00. In order to avoid long waits at our station, customer pick-up times are pre-determined by our rental staff and cannot be altered. All customers should be prepared to pick up their units at their assigned time. We ask renters to call our station either the day before their rental (between 15:00 and 16:30), or the morning of their rental (between 08:30 and 09:00), to receive their pick-up appointment time (as well as transfer time if applicable). We are closed on Sundays and Holidays, so on weekends/long weekends, they may need to call us a day or two earlier.


Transfers To/From Meridian RV

Transfers to our Port Coquitlam station are available from downtown and airport hotels only (no private residences, Airbnb or hostels). All customers travelling with wheelchairs or scooters should advise Meridian RV accordingly upon booking. When travelling with children, proper child seats are required and must be provided by the renter (forward-facing child seats can be rented through Meridian RV when booked in advance). Due to limited storage in our shuttles, we allow a maximum of 1 suitcase (or equivalent) and 1 carry-on bag, per person. No transfers will be provided for bikes (or bikes in carrying cases), snowboards, large equipment or oversized luggage.

Transfers before pick-up:

Transfers to our station take place between 09:00 and 14:00. Our shuttle has a schedule to maintain, therefore customers must be prepared to be picked up at their advised time. Any customer that misses their shuttle will have to make their own way to our station.


Transfers after drop-off:
After drop off, the Meridian shuttle will transfer customers to either the airport, or a downtown or airport hotel. Our shuttle departs Meridian RV at 10:30 so customers on early flights will have to arrange their own transportation to the airport.


Parking at Meridian RV
Customers needing to park their cars overnight at Meridian RV must remember to give their keys to one of our rental staff so they can be moved to our back parking lot; no overnight parking is permitted in the front lot.


Pick Up Unit
Anyone listed on a contract as a ‘driver’ must be present at pick up, or they will not be permitted to drive - no exceptions. The ‘principal driver’ is the renter, and he/she must produce a valid MasterCard or Visa for the security deposit (no American Express, pre-paid credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers or cash). At pick up, Meridian RV reserves the right to refuse a rental to a driver not deemed fit to handle an RV. Pick-up appointments take 90-120 minutes. During this time the contract is signed, insurance is discussed, and the renter receives a demonstration of the unit. If necessary, a test drive can be arranged. Before leaving the station, each renter receives a rental guidebook and other helpful information for their trip.


Required Security Deposits
All renters are required to pay a Security Deposit at pick up in accordance to their insurance coverage. Premiums for Basic Insurance are included in all nightly rental rates. For wholesaler/agent bookings, we also include the premiums for the Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan, which lowers the security deposite at pick up to $750.
Security Deposits are as follows:
Basic Insurance: 
$3750 Security Deposit 

Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan: $750 Security Deposit

We accept only MasterCard and Visa for the Security Deposit - no American Express, cash, wire transfers, debit cards or pre-paid credit cards. Security Deposits are refunded at drop off provided the unit has been returned on time, there is no damage, it’s clean on the inside and out, all equipment is present and undamaged, the holding tanks are all empty, the gas tank is full (prior to checking in unit), and no damage claims have been made. Credit cards used for security deposits should be valid for at least six months after customer drop of unit. In all cases, the exchange rate difference between the deposit given at pick up, and the refund given at drop off, is the renter’s responsibility.


RV Availability & Upgrades
On rare occasions, it may be necessary to offer a unit other than the one originally booked. Meridian RV reserves the right to substitute the unit with one of equal or greater value. Any resulting expenses (gasoline, ferry costs, etc.) would be the responsibility of the renter. Should a downgrade be necessary, Meridian RV’s only obligation would be to refund the customer the cost difference between the two vehicles. In the event the renter refuses to accept the vehicle, no refund will be offered.


Customers Taking Ferries

We recommend that customers traveling to vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast book no earlier than a 19:00 sailing. This is because pickup appointments can take up to 2 hours, it’s usually a 60 to 90-minute drive to the ferry, and BC Ferries requires all passengers with reservations to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes prior to departure ,or they can lose their reservation. For logistical reasons, we are not able to alter our pick-up schedule to accommodate customers that have reservations on earlier ferries. Please note that we recommend that customers reserve a spot on the ferry for a unit one size larger than originally booked, just in case an upgrade to a larger unit is necessary when they pick up. For ferry information go to: bcferries.com


Travel Restrictions

No travel permitted north of Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 97 (north of Prince Rupert, Prince George and Fort St. John); to Mexico; to any outdoor festivals, events or concerts (including Burning Man); to Death Valley, California, from June 1st to August 31st; on roads designated on official provincial or state maps as ‘other roads – gravel or dirt’. Insurance coverage and the Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan are void if travelling in restricted areas without authorization, and the renter will be subject to a $2,000 penalty. All repairs, damages and delays caused by mechanical breakdowns in restricted areas are the responsibility of the renter. Please note that Meridian RV prohibits customers from parking their units within city limits when travelling through Montreal and Ottawa. In the event of vandalism, hit and run, or theft, the insurance and the Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan would be void.


Repairs and Breakdowns While on the Road
The possibility of mechanical failure or breakdown is an inherent risk associated with the rental of an RV. Any repairs (or replacement parts) costing less than $100 do not require prior authorization from Meridian RV before servicing. Reimbursement will be provided at drop off when both a receipt and the part replaced are presented to one of our rental clerks. For costs more than $100, please contact our station first for authorization. In all cases, the renter will not be reimbursed for loss of time, transportation costs, inconvenience, food loss, or any other expensesresulting from repairs to their unit. Meridian RV will not offer refunds or repairs for malfunctioning back-up cameras, generators, television sets or awnings. These are additional items that we offer to customers at no extra charge. Although we make every effort to repair them when they malfunction, at times there is not enough time to do so in between rentals. In such cases, Meridian RV is under no obligation to contact the next renter picking up the unit about the issue.


Rental Returns
Returns take place between 08:30 and 10:00, on a first-come-first-serve basis. All renters must be physically present at drop off, and cannot send someone in their place to close their contract. Renters are not permitted to leave their units in the Meridian RV parking lot. We also ask that units are not parked and left on the road in front of Meridian RV, as it puts the unit at risk of damage and is prohibited by the city (subject to a $500 charge by Meridian RV - $300 from January 2020).


Late Returns
Since late returns are both disruptive to daily procedures in our rental department and an inconvenience for customers waiting to pick up their motorhomes, late fees are in effect for any units that have not been dropped off by 10:00 in the morning. Late Customers will incur a charge of $100 per hour until the unit is returned. They will also be asked to pay any costs that Meridian RV incures if it becomes necessary to compensate another customer waiting at the station for the unit to be dropped off (meal costs, hotel nights etc.). For logistical reasons, our rental staff are not able to check in units after 15:00, no exceptions. Customers that do not drop off by 15:00 must be at the station at 08:30 the following morning to return their unit. Further charges will apply if the unit still hasn’t been returned at that time. With all late returns transfers are considered void.


Early Returns
We allow early drop offs, but will not offer a refund for lost days. We recommend that customers contact Meridian RV in advance to advise our rental staff that their unit will be dropped off early. Units dropped off during our regular drop-off period (between 08:30 and 10:00) will be checked in on a first-come-first-serve basis. After that our rental clerks have pickup appointments scheduled, so customers dropping off early will have to wait until a rental clerk is available to check their unit in. No units will be checked in after 15:00. If a customer dropping off early has a trnasfer booked, they must check in between 08:30 and 10:00, or the transfer will be considered void.


Potential Charges at Drop-Off

• Failure to bring unit back with a full tank of gas: $50 refueling fee plus cost of gas;
• Failure to empty holding tanks: $25 charge per tank;
• Failure to refrain from smoking in unit: $250 charge;

• Failure to abide by no pet policy: $500 charge; (From January 2020)
• Failure to notify Meridian RV of pets travelling along: $500 charge;
• Failure to bring unit back clean inside/outside: $100-300 charge, depending on condition of unit;
• Failure to return unit in the presence of a rental clerk: $500 charge if customer parks their unit on our lot or surrounding area and leaves without closing their contract with a rental clerk.


Lost Items
Please note that we cannot hold lost items indefinitely, so unclaimed items will be kept no longer than 2 weeks after drop-off. Customers wishing to have items shipped to their home overseas should make arrangements themselves through Fedex and then advise Meridian RV what day the item will be picked up.


Responsibility of Renter
When on the road we require renters to exercise prudence in handling and operating our rental vehicles. Misuse and failure to exercise due care and attention in their operation may result in damage charges. Please note that the renter is also responsible for routine on-the-road maintenance, which includes checking tire pressure, engine oil levels, and coolant levels, at each refueling. Renters will be held responsible for any damage that occurs when regular maintenance is neglected; as well, they will be asked to pay for missing or broken items from their Convenience Kits when applicable.


In the event of an accident, damage to vehicle, fire, or theft, renters are required to do all the following or their insurance and Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan will be null and void:
• Contact Meridian RV and the Police within 24 hours of occurrence
• Provide Meridian RV with a copy of a police report or file number at drop off (in the event the police do not file a report, the renter has to show proof they reported the incident to authorities and for this purpose a written note or business card is sufficient)
• Fill out an accident report form (found in the rental guidebook provided to all customers)
• Take pictures of the damage to the unit and accident scene
Should a unit be damaged beyond repair due to an accident, Meridian RV is under no obligation to replace the unit, nor will they be required to refund the customer for unused rental days. In all cases, personal items and personal injuries are not covered by insurance.

Technical Details


Lillooet Airport


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Hotels near the rental center

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917 Alder Avenue, V0K 2E0 One Hundred Mile House, Canada

The Cozy Cubbyhole B&B - Book this hotel with Booking.com  
150 Blackstock Road, V0K 2E0 One Hundred Mile House, Canada

100 Mile Motel & RV Park - Book this hotel with Booking.com  
#310 South Cariboo Highway 97 , V0K 2E0 One Hundred Mile House, Canada


Insurance Coverage / Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan
All Meridian RV units are insured for $5,000,000 Third Party Liability coverage (public liability and collision).  Premiums for this Basic Insurance are included in all rental rates with a deductible of $7,500 per occurrence (security deposit of
$3,500 at pick-up). For wholesaler/agent booking, the Limited Risk 'CDR' Plan is also included, and it lowers the deductible to $1,500 (security deposit to $750).


Insurance Claims
If a renter isinvolved in an incident, Meridian RV will hold their deposit for the maximum deductible amount as per their coverage, and for a period ranging from 1-6 months in duration.  Please note that only the insurance company can speed up the processing of the claim; it is out of Meridian RV’s hands.  The final cost to the customer will be the maximum deductible charge, where expenses include - but are not limited to - damage to the Meridian RV vehicle, damage to third party property, injury claims, towing charges, storage fees, insurance adjuster fees and legal fees. In the event the unit is stolen or rendered inoperable, our insurance does not cover accommodation, transportation, or vehicle replacement costs. Please note that for all insurance claims (including private insurance), customers will be charged a fee of $100 to cover the cost of administrative services provided by Merid- ian RV in handling their claim.


Damage Not Covered By Insurance or Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan
If a renter causes damage to their unit that is not covered by insurance, Meridian RV will not refund the security deposit on drop-off day and will hold either the maximum deductible amount or predicted estimate amount - whichever is higher - until the official estimate for the cost of repairs has been determined. This can take up to 2 business days.


Covered By Insurance (deductible applicable)

Our insurance does not cover claims if they are directly or indirectly the result of the operation of a motorhome in violation of the Rental Agreement
• Motor Vehicle Accident
• Collision
• Fire, Hail, Storm, Flood
• Vandalism, Hit and Run, Theft*** (Insurance void if incident occurs in Montreal or Ottawa)

• Windshield and Glass Damage (the deductible for Limited Risk 'CDR' is $2,000)

• Tire Damage
• Roof Damage
• Undercarriage Damage

*** In all instances above personal items/belongings and personal injuries are not covered by Insurance/Limited Risk CDR PlanVoided

Interior Damage, Awning Damage and Slide-out Damage are not covered


Voided Insurance/Voided Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan
When damage to a unit is the result of negligent or careless behavior, Basic Insurance and the Limited Risk ‘CDR’ Plan are considered void (including third party liability coverage) and the renter responsible for 100% of repair or replacement costs to their motorhome and any third party property that have been dameged because of their negligent behavior. Examples of negligent or careless behavior:

Hit and Run by renter or additional drivers
Roof damage caused by careless handling of unit (includes ignoring height restrictions)
Undercarriage damage caused by careless handling of a unit (includes damage caused by travel on gravel or unpaved roads, damage caused by bottoming out when going too fast over speed bumps, and damage caused by travel on ramps/driveways/roads that are on too steep of an incline to accommodate a motorhome or trailer)
Negligent behavior resulting in damage to unit (includes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, traffic violations (running red lights, excessive speed, distracted driving etc.) travel in restricted areas, towing of any kind behind motorhome, deliberate damage to unit, driving without a valid driver’s license, driving when you are not listed on the contract as one of the drivers, and backing up without a 2nd person outside of vehicle to guide driver)
Careless behavior resulting in damage to unit (includes failure to maintain fluid levels, failure to use specified fuel, use of contaminated fuel, water in the fuel tank, failure to use the tow-haul feature on steep hills, and freezing of the vehicle’s water system in temperatures below zero)
Operation of vehicle by anyone under 21 years of age
Damage occurring in accident that renter failed to report to Meridian R.V. Mfg. Ltd. and Police within 24 hours of incident


Included per rental

Cleaning cloth, levelling blocks, first propane fill up, water hose, sewer hose, toilet chemicals, rubber gloves, waste paper basket, fire extinguisher, flashlight, axe, tool set (incl. screw driver and pliers), basic first aid kit, instruction book, broom and dust pan, RV toilet tissue (4 rolls).


Convenience Kit - for purchase
Per Rental
Pots and pans, can opener, cork screw, whisk, spatula, carving knives, frying pan, set of bowls, tea towels, strainer, peeler, serving spoon, cooking spoon, cutlery tray, cutting board, kettle, coffee pot, pair of scissors, pot holder set, thermos bottle, dish soap, sponge.


Per Person
Hand towel, bath towel, face cloth, Nordic duvet, duvet cover, bed sheet, pillow and case, large plate, small plate, cereal & fruit bowl cup, glass, egg cup & spoon, knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon, steak knife.


Kitchen Equipment - for purchase
Per Rental
Pots and pans, can opener, cork screw, whisk, spatula, carving knives, frying pan, set of bowls, tea towels, strainer, peeler, serving spoon, cooking spoon, cutlery tray, cutting board, kettle, coffee pot, pair of scissors, pot holder set, thermos bottle, dish soap, sponge.


Per Person
Large plate, small plate, cereal & fruit bowl cup, glass, egg cup & spoon, knife, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon, steak knife.

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